Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TuTu Cute

Little Miss Addie Tay started ballet class last week and LOVED it! I realize that she is probably going to be way too tall to ever be a ballerina... and if she has her mama's rythym... she's doomed, but she's actually going to a ballet academy in Leesburg. Talk about serious... she has to have a pink or black leotard, pink tights, leather ballet shoes, her hair pulled back... and this is just at age 2! It's soooo cute though and she's finally getting to do something totally girlie just by herself:) Poor little thing is always being carted around to brother's activities... so this is really fun for us to have some "girl time." I love Chris with all my heart, but doing things with Addie is much different. 99% of the time, Chris is great... but when he was younger at classes and activities, I was always "holding my breath" just waiting for him to punch the teacher or something. Chris is just Chris- and Addison is a whole different personality... Knock on wood... and Lord help me during those teenage years, but when she went to class, I knew in my heart she would do great. She listens and is just a total sweetheart... and she was... She looked as if she had taken ballet for years and did just as the teacher said... and for once, I could be "that mom" that just sat there and watched calmly while enjoying myself:) She is such an easy child... Let's hope it stays that way:)