Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ticonderoga Farms

After a wild weekend, it was back to Mommyhood on Monday. I met up with my friend Katie and her children and we spent the morning at Ticonderoga Farms. This place was awesome for kids... It was such a nice day that we actually spent a few hours and even picniced... We rode slides, visited animals, took a hay ride and the kids got to each pick a tomato, they played in forts, with legos, sand/rice tables, bean bag toss, tetherball (where I had to work on my mommy skills- I caught myself really trying to win and I was killing Chris- I then realized I was playing my son and let him win).

The day was almost picture perfect until the very end. Chris, Addie, and I decided to go see the animals one more time... And a rooster totally flew up and pecked Addie... hard! Poor thing.
On the way home we were doing the usual- I always try and make conversation (maybe for my own sanity:)) and I was asking them what makes them happy and what makes them sad (I guess this comes from my working at the group home days).
Mommy~ What makes you happy Chris?
Chris~ That I have a lot of friends.
Mommy~ What makes you sad?
Chris~ That when I was a little boy and I was trying to catch bugs, I accidentally killed one. (And to think I thought he did that on purpose!)
Mommy~ What makes you happy Addie?
Addie~ Pink, I love pink!
Mommy~ What makes you sad?
Addie~ (in the saddest voice ever) Chickens.