Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break...

The kids have been on Spring Break this week, and we decided to just lay low and stay in town.  We've tried to do fun things all week to keep the kids active and having fun.  We started the break off with a neighborhood night of s'mores.  It's so nice- the kids run and play, and we adults get to chat and catch up.  We've had friends over almost every day of the week and the trampoline has been getting lots of use!  We went to our old neighborhood in West Virginia and played at the park and visited Cone Zone.  We met up with the Bundicks and did the Berryville Park and Addie has officially conquered the monkey bars- and it's true- Chris doesn't know a stranger.  He meets kids at every park we go to and organizes games.:)  We've had family fun days with the Layne's and celebrated sweet Taylor's birthday.  We've visited Pappy every day and the kids have not complained once about going. The kids have really warmed my heart- Pappy loves seeing them and Addie thinks she is Nurse Addie.  Chris also has a special way with Pappy and likes to feed him sips of juice. We've grilled out, ridden bikes, gone on family walks, and we're ready for school to resume- HA!!!!

We also had a night at the circus...  My clowns...:)

 Addie was so excited to get to see her boyfriend D.J.:)
 But fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of the show- because it was boring- What!?! Ha!
As a mommy, I try to plan, plan, plan activities for the kids.  We were planning a trip to Busch Gardens at the beginning of the week, but it didn't work out due to Brendan's schedule... and sometimes things are a blessing in disguise.  Chris told me today that this has been his best spring break ever because he's gotten to play with his friends.  It's true- sometimes we just need to be.:)

This little...

This little light of mine... is shining... Addie Tay isn't the only one growing up.  Chris is maturing, growing, and amazing us every day.  He now reads, spells, writes, you name it- I just can't believe how much he has learned this year in school.  He is doing so well academically- and is a complete angel in school.  He's excelling at sports, and everything.  Sometimes we can be hard on Chris because he's such a strong-willed little boy- but we're just not ready for him to grow up yet!  He's been playing with the neighborhood boys who are 2-3 years older than him.  We embarass him because when they are outside, we keep checking on him, and tonight he was crushed when he was the only boy that wasn't allowed to go to a sleepover.  He's grown up sooooo much this year- and I just know in my heart of hearts that there is such a big difference between him and fourth graders- and I'm not ready for him to spend the night with them.  Sorry Chris, we're keeping close tabs on you.  I know you were crushed when I made you come home tonight... but one day you'll realize it is just because I love you.  I wish you could just stay little.

You are have so many talents.  You have brains, are athletic, and have the kindest heart of any kid I know... and I just want to shelter you from everything- for as long as I can.  You amaze us every day and we are sooooo very proud of you!

Spring Program

Addie had her spring program and was so cute...  I, on the otherhand, had a moment when I realized that this is our last spring program at LUMP- I've been to one the past four years.  Bittersweet.:(

All things Richmond

Brendan and I absolutely love the city of Richmond.  We had some great years there, there's so much to do, it's Brendan's middle name, and well- our first born was conceived there.:)  While we were there, we made sure to get Sweet Cream Cheese pretzels from Wa-Wa... twice, and also visited Belle Isle.  We crossed the bridge, toured the whole island, and even visited the Civil War visitor's center. These are the kinds of days that I live for.:)


Brendan and I are so lucky to have such good friends in our life.  Brendan is still best friends with his college roommate... and our families are, well... family.  We all get along great- including the kids- and it's so sweet to see how close they are.  We traveled to Richmond for the weekend to see Jonathan and Eleanor's dedication at church and Brendan and I were so honored when we were asked to be their Godparents.  What a special weekend- for all of us!

When did she turn into a little girl?

Addie and I were enjoying a gorgeous morning on the deck having breakfast together- and tea/juice in "fancy cups"- which was totally her idea... I had let her pick out her outfit, and when I looked at her, I just completely stopped.  When did she grow up?  She seems so much older!  Thank goodness she still wants to be my baby girl... I'll take it as long as I can...  We have kindergarten registration in a week.:(


 Ahhh... I can tell Summer is approaching- The kids are playing outside nonstop- and we have to end every night with a shower or bath!  But I do think my favortie thing in the world is a freshly bathed baby- and eventhough she's still growing up- she's still  my baby.  She gets all her tangles out... and thinks she "looks like a boy" when her hair is all combed back.  Addie Tay- You are still my little darling- don't you worry.:)

Family Bowling!

Brad's girlfriend, Jenn, planned a surprise birthday party for Brad- and she's pretty daring because she invited our WHOLE family to go bowling! 

 We even had some new faces... Hello Dean Alex- is that a new girl making the SLOG!!! And Butt-Butt and J.D.- you guys are even coordinating- how sweet.... HA~!

 My sweet boy is just growing up way too fast!

Addie his it off great with Sienna!
A great time was had by all... eventhough I had a freakout moment when I couldn't find my kids!!!  It's all good- they were playing video games with Averey... should have know.:)

Date with Chris

Addie and I surprised Chris at school for lunch... he LOVED having his sister eat with him- and of course Addie fit right in and wasn't shy at all!!!  Chris was trying to talk trash at lunch- teasing his friend Wesley that likes the Green Bay Packers:

Chris~ Hey Wesley... Booooo P-A-C-K-E-R!

Wesley- S. How many times do I have to tell you there's an S at the end- HA!