Monday, June 28, 2010

Brambleton Freedomfest

There are definitely perks that we will miss about Brambleton- We'll miss being able to run to Harris Teeter, walking to the gym, being able to walk for ice cream and to go out to eat, living off of less than half a tank a gas a week, and the neighborhood events. This weekend the kids had a blast at the youth festival- We paid $10 per kid and they got to enjoy unlimited moon bounces, carnival rides, and tons of activites. Both kids also got to break a board during a karate demonstration. (Those people knew what they were doing- Now both of my kids want to take karate.) We enjoyed listening to live music and sno cones. The night ended with fireworks... It was a great night!

During the morning I went antiquing with my mom... and of all things I bought Addie shoes- I couldn't pass up a pair of Chuck Taylors. Addie LOVES them and asks all the time for her "Hi-tops."


Todd and I took the kids to Nona and Papa's house for some old fashioned slip-n-slide fun. As you can tell, it's still a hit. Although Jack wasn't a fan, he loved standing at the end with a blow up pillow and letting the kids crash into him. We ended the night with Nona getting us pizza and letting the kids wreck her house. Love you Nona and Papa!

The End.

Summer Fun

We averaged going to three pools a day this past week. We usually start with the Brambleton swimming pool for an hour in the morning for swim team, then we have Addie's swim lessons at the Beacon Crest pool for an hour, and then at some point during the day we make it to the Sport & Health pool. We've been enjoying going with my college roomie, Katie and her kids. We tend to picnic and then let the kids play- They play fight and come up with the cutest things. Lleyton has everyone doing "mario jumps" into the pool. The kids are so cute with how they just amuse themselves!

Don't worry, we haven't completely lived outside... We did hang out with the Hayes clan and made a Chuck-E-Cheese day and fifty dollars later we got to catch Toy Story 3. I hate cartoons with a passion, but I actually loved this movie and was bawling with tears at the end. Chris was great- He and Jack sat in the row in front of us like big boys and we never had to say a word to them. Addie on the other hand was a little more challenging. At one point she asked to sit by Chris- so we let Addie and Libby move up a row. For about ten minutes, they were angels... until Courtney heard some kids running around at the front of the theater. After making fun of the "bad moms" that lost their children, we realized that we were those "bad moms". Luckily, we were the only fools that sat in the front section of the theatre and we were able to find the laughing girls in a second... but I'm sure we were being talked about!

Swim Meet vs. South Riding

We got to compete against the South Riding swim team this weekend that is coached by Lauren's hubby, Kevin. Lauren had Chris calling them the "South Riding Suckers" which sometimes came out the *uckers all week. Most of the fam showed up to cheer Chris on, and he had a great time trying to push the head coach of the opposing team in the water. I'm sure he got some looks. Luckily, you can tell that Kevin is used to the teasing, flirting, and attention-seeking behaviors of about 200 youngsters because it didn't phase him a bit and he just played into it.... Kevin- why can't you be Chris's teacher?:)

Chris just chillin' before the race... and Kevin pep-talking all the 6 & unders.:)

Swim Team...

This week Addison started swim lessons- or as she calls it, "swim team." Addie is crazy- Sometimes she is sooooo shy, and sometimes she is so outgoing... I just never know which one I'm going to get. For swim team, she's been totally outgoing. She walked over to class and didn't want me anywhere near her. She sat down with the three other kids in her class who are all five, and when the instructor got to her, she proudly told him that she is five years old! Ha! I'm glad she's doing swim lessons because she thinks she's hot stuff and like big brudder, but I really think Brendan has taught her more than the lessons. She can now swim freestyle with her face in the water and backstroke. She might be passing brother soon- she's another fish!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The wedding is over...

So now poor Lauren and Kevin have to answer the dreaded question all the time... When are you going to start trying? They don't have any news yet- I asked today- but I sure think this makes an adorable family picture and that they will make great parents when the time is right...

Or Not... Is it just me or does it look like Boat Boat is about to choke Chris?

And what the heck is this?!? They wanted to win Addie's "simon says" run... so they resorted to flagging (to the extreme) Chris. LOL...

Don't worry- the kids are safe and in one piece- They had fun hanging out with Kevin and Boat Boat, and Mommy enjoyed the break.:)

Growing up way too fast...

The kids are growing up so fast- right before my very eyes...

This week Chris got his first loose tooth- and it's already super loose!

Chris also swam in an 8 & under relay at his swim meet- We are so proud of him! He had never practiced a relay before. Brendan and I are quite sure that he DQ'd- but hey, if they didn't catch it, they didn't catch it... and they didn't catch it, so we're not saying anything! They came in fourth- even with a 5-year old. And Chris is soooo proud- he's almost as tall as Nanny! Ha!

Of course Addison think she's big. She now tells me that she's "not a baby anymore" and won't watch Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because they are "baby shows." Yeah, I think someone listens to her big brother! And let me just tell ya- this little girl bosses us all around!

#1 Dad





We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy that takes the best care of us and loves us with all of his heart. You are the best Brendan. We LOVE you soooo much!

Speaking of Home...

I really hope we're not jumping the gun on making Courtland our new subdivision... because we are totally in love with it. It's ten minutes from my parents, is a total subdivision with a pool and all, but seems a world away. It's down a dirt road in the country and we learned that it's just the small, close-knit neighborhood that we love.

Our friends/cousins Jessy (Yo's cousin) and Danielle live in the hood and hosted an end of the school year ice cream bash and invited us so we could get to know some of our future neighbors. It seems like everybody knows everybody and people seemed sooo down to earth. Although Addie was a little shy, Chris of course jumped right in...

And doesn't it look like Caroline just popped Chris? Don't tell her, but I think he has a little crush on her.:)

And if this doesn't show that it's our kind of neighborhood... I was positive by the end of the night that we will fit right in. Addie refused to go home until she took a bath with Molly and Taylor- Jessy and Danielle's two youngest girls. It was so cute to listen to the girls talk about having future sleepovers and plan activities out. It was just precious until... Taylor decided to poop in the tub. It was glorious... and it was in that moment that I knew we are right at home.:)

What to do...

Last week Addie came down with a stomach bug... and it just about killed all of us. We don't do staying in the house all day very well. We did a lot of pretend play- everything from taking turns playing "it's our birthday" to dressing up as Santa Claus in Averey's old outfit that we found. Addie seemed fine later in the day until swim team where I thought she might have been recovered and I let her go swimming. Yeah, I guess I was rushing it... she puked on the side of the pool- and the Russian lifeguards didn't know what I was saying when I said she threw-up- so I had to impersonate it for them. I'm sure I looked every bit of the crazy lady.:)

Knock on Wood...

We are soooo excited... If all goes as planned we will be moving for the millionth time- but this time, we feel like we have truly found our home in Leesburg. Home Sweet Home.:) Details to come...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brambleton Bettas

Summer swim team started back up and we had our first meet where we did time trials this weekend. I'm proud to report that Chris got 1st place in both Free and Back for 6 & Under Boys! Wooooo Hoooooo- Goooooo Chris!:) Addie of course had fun watching the race- and trust me, she'll be tearing it up next year- She can already swim and loves diving in!!! She starts swim lessons next week, so she'll finally make brother go to one of HER activities!

Notice the collection of silly bands on her wrist... The kids are addicted to them!

Chris just being Chris- actind crazy!

Return to Stratford

The kids and I had a great Friday night at our old neighborhood in Leesburg. We got Papa John's pizza and met up with our old friends to go to the pool. The kids had sooooo much fun and as usual, we closed the place down!

On Saturday night, Rosie and Paul had over for dinner at their new house in Purcellville- and the kids had a great time "in the country." Thanks Rosie and Paul- we never get sick of hanging out with you guys!

Cousin Playdate

We LOVE having our cousins over for a playdate... The kids play and have so much fun, and Sarah and I are able to gossip and catch up. While the kids were busy playing, Sarah and I made a healthy dinner of fish, fruit, and veggies. It was really good until I went to an LA Boxing class and ran into a guy from high school. I went to my mom's house to pick the kids up since she babysat for me and she was disgusted... She said, "Oh my gosh- Shelley, you STINK like fish!." Thanks mom... Next time, please tell me before I go to class... and if anyone is friends with Aaron Lawlor, please tell him I don't always reek.:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

$1,000 later...

Addison started taking ballet last fall. From the first day, she LOVED it. She went right in to class and did exactly what the teacher instructed. Until recently, some girls needed their mommys to go to class with them and only a few were able to follow instructions like Addie.

On Sunday, Addie had her recital... and I don't know what happened! Ha! She bravely walked out on stage and then stood. She stayed in one spot waving a wand with one hand... and didn't do one thing else! Her feet never even moved a milimeter. I don't know if she had stage fright or what, but all of the other little girls were dancing around doing great and Addie never moved! I was laughing so hard I was crying. In the end, Addie had a great time and thought she did great. She LOVEd getting make-up on and being the center of attention- and for once Chris let her without a fit! Nona, Papa, Chuck, Jackie, Butch, and Linda all joined us in the audience to see her wonderful performance!

Gotta love it... Chuck and Jackie even gave her Hokie colored ribbon on her flowers... Gooooo Hokies!