Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Angels...

Once again I've been bad about blogging... I've forgotten my camera for several playdates, a Chuck-e-Cheese celebration with the Layne girls, oh- and we can't forget the night I locked myself out of our house while at a neighbor's house for dinner. Thank God for my parents rescuing us and for locksmiths!

Things are about to kick into high gear... Spring sports start this weekend. Addie will be playing soccer, and Chris is playing baseball. Doesn't he look older in this picture- so handsome.:) Today, we got to pick up our uniforms since practice was rained out. I love cheering at his games- and this season shall be quite interesting. I love teams like the Angels, Lions, even the Mets from last season. This year, we are the IRON PIGS! Wooooo Hoooooo.... Go Iron pigs! Ha!

Star of the Day!

Addie was star of the day this week in her class and got to make a special poster and bring in snack. I went out of my way to get cake pops for the whole class... I thought they were great, but the kids ate more goldfish than cake pops... Go figure.:) If you haven't tried a cake pop from Starbuck's... don't do it. You will want them every day!

Addie was so cute in her class. Of course, she's the tallest one, and maybe it's just the mommy in me, but she seems older and more mature than most of the kids. That is... until she had to present her poster. When Addie is nervous or tired, she talks in a fake baby voice- and she did when she talked about her poster... but I thought it was pretty cute.:) She made sure to tell everyone about her family, brother Chris, that she loves Barney, and strawberries.:)

Happy Birthday Gi Gi!!!

We had been planning a trip to the lake for about 6 months to celebrate Grammom's 85th Birthday! We missed having Susan with us, but the rest of the McCullers gang spent a great weekend at the lake honoring Gramma. Uncle Bruce and Aunt Denise brought the matriarch of the family down from Jersey and I promise that Hank and Melanie were at the lake. I can't believe I don't have any pictures of them... well, I do have two- but one I look awful in, and the other is of them in their p.j.'s while we were having cake... and I don't think it was blog material.:) Trust me there will be lots of pictures of them when we celebrate their wedding next month!!! I hope we're still invited though, because Chris and Addie wouldn't let them breathe this past weekend... Let's just say they are a little obsessed with them!

We enjoyed a nice dinner out at Blackwater and just really enjoyed hanging out... We're all looking forward to doing it again in a few weeks!!!

Oh Addison...

Couldn't resist sweet baby girl.:) I love you.:)

Mister, Mister

Chris has many nicknames... and for some odd reason, I always call him Mister, Mister or Bubba-roni... Well, Mister, Mister was making my tail sweat at the bus stop. All the kids were so cute sitting on the curb when Chris starts telling a story... "My mom is torturing me today." I started thinking, Oh goodness... what's he gonna say!" Then he said, "She made me wear a pink shirt!" Ha!

And one more cute Chris story:

Baseball clinic coach to Chris: "Who is your favorite baseball player?" Chris: "I don't know... but you're wearing a Virginia Tech hat and I love the Hokies." That's my boy.:)

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

We had a great time on St. Patrick's Day... especially since Gi Gi sent Addie the sweetest hairbows and since Gram kept up her tradition of giving the kids their lucky shirts...

And just in case you were wondering... look at the sweet leprechan we had at our house.:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh to be young...

Some people love Girls Gone Wild, but here at my house, I love Imaginations Gone Wild. The kids alway keep me laughing... and screaming, and pulling my hair out, but that's another post.:)

Chris is convinced that a leprechan is coming to our house. I have no clue where he heard about this, how he thought of it, or what I'm going to make magically appear on Thursday morning, but he is just convinced they are real.

I forgot to take a picture of the note in our kitchen that he made me write that says, "The gold is at the top of the stairs." Let me remind you this is all of Chris's doing.:) He then made this set-up... scarey Star Wars men, a big Transformer, and gun to "scare" the leprechan. These are strategically placed by a yellow/gold crown that he peeled the paper off of and put at the top of the stairs to "trick" the leprechan to make them think we have real gold.

Oh- because don't you know that the leprechan will try to get this gold, will be scared by the items Chris set up, fall down a few stairs... and then boom- get trapped in the net! Wah-lah peeps... We're going to catch the little green men! Ha!!!

Extra Special Incentive!!!

Did I mention it was a short trip to the lake? We arrived at 1:30 in the morning on Saturday and left by 11am on Sunday to make it back for Chris's swim team... But it was soooooo worth it!!!! Brendan's aunt from Reno had flown in and then his two other aunts from Jersey made the trip down to SML... along with Uncle George and Paul. Paul is like a celebrity to my children- Just like my cousin Averey, they think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and even say he is their best friend. It was so fun to get to see B's family- and we're counting down to Katie and Gary's wedding where we'll get to see the rest of the gang this summer!!! Ummm... and not fair- Joanie and her sisters all look fab- It's like they are the incredible shrinking Goellner girls! Here's hoping that that will rub off on me!!!

Smith Mountain Lake

Spring and Summer are so close that I can feel it- and I can't wait to spend time at Smith Mountain Lake. We made a quick weekend getaway there this weekend. We drove down late Friday night and stayed at my parent's condo. Early Saturday morning, we had Chris call Gram and say he wanted to have breakfast with her. She was so surprised!!! We spent the day at the the lake with beautiful weather... Of course we were on the dock... and this picture was right before the swing came undone from the deck... Chris was like Tarzan and was able to hold on tight and save himself... Thank goodness... this is the time of the year wear we break an arm!!!

International Night

Brendan and I ventured out in the pouring rain to take the kids to International Night at Chris's school- and we are so glad we did! We had a great night... The kids got a passport- and we got to spend time visiting around 30 countries that were represented. In order to earn their stamp, they had to "learn something" about the country. Addie would often look at the poster and say something like, "They have money" or something random, but she LOVED getting the stamps.:) We were also given tickets to try food from different countries and then finished the night off by watching a Martial Arts demonstration and partaking in a live Zumba class! It was so cute to see Chris run up to kids and talk with them... He is not shy at all and it made me realize how much older he's getting!

At this event, we spent a good time talking with the lady representing Japan... She played a game with the kids and we told her how Brendan lived there. She was so sweet and so proud of her country- and just had the best spirit. The next morning we woke up to see the news about the earthquake and devastation in Japan- and it was heartbreaking. Life can really change in an instant... Thankful for the moments we have each day...

Sunday Service

It was just a normal Sunday... and I couldn't resist myself from breaking out the camera... because is there anything cuter than knee socks on my baby girl- who is growing up way too fast? Just precious.:)

Oh, and I can't just spend the whole blog squealing about their cuteness... The kids wanted me to let you know that they are very flexible. Out of the blue, they wanted these pictures taken- Never a dull moment... And sooooo ladylike, Miss Addison.:)