Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh to be young...

Some people love Girls Gone Wild, but here at my house, I love Imaginations Gone Wild. The kids alway keep me laughing... and screaming, and pulling my hair out, but that's another post.:)

Chris is convinced that a leprechan is coming to our house. I have no clue where he heard about this, how he thought of it, or what I'm going to make magically appear on Thursday morning, but he is just convinced they are real.

I forgot to take a picture of the note in our kitchen that he made me write that says, "The gold is at the top of the stairs." Let me remind you this is all of Chris's doing.:) He then made this set-up... scarey Star Wars men, a big Transformer, and gun to "scare" the leprechan. These are strategically placed by a yellow/gold crown that he peeled the paper off of and put at the top of the stairs to "trick" the leprechan to make them think we have real gold.

Oh- because don't you know that the leprechan will try to get this gold, will be scared by the items Chris set up, fall down a few stairs... and then boom- get trapped in the net! Wah-lah peeps... We're going to catch the little green men! Ha!!!