Monday, July 22, 2013

Gymmie, Gym, Gym!

Mama is on a mission to lose this baby weight, so today we returned to the gym... Ellie was so happy- for the first 10 minutes... until she got hungry. Luckily, Sweet Addie never left her sister's side and I caught her on the monitor standing watch over her sissy- I wanted to cry on the elliptical when I saw this! After I fed Ellie, she stayed for another 30 minutes... until she pooped all over the exersaucer... I guess she wanted to leave her mark.:)

Cousin Love...

Aunt Shelley, Uncle B, and Nona had a great time taking the kids to Harper's Ferry for the day... We learned a little, laughed a lot, swam in the river, got chased away by the storm, and couldn't pass up a trip to Cone Zone! Nona was freaking out because there was a strong current... and today we found out someone drowned this weekend... Luckily Uncle B was there and the kids listen to him and never went in water deeper than a foot... :)

Little Mama

I remember when I had Addie, I was so stressed about how Chris would react... This time, I was so busy I didn't have time to think much about how the kids would respond... And thankfully our new addition couldn't have gone better... Chris loves Ellie with all of his being... He welcomed her so much and constantly loves on her... Drives me crazy when he slobber kisses her when she's sleeping or eating- but I mean can you really get upset that your kids truly adores their sibling? And Add- I thought I'd have problems with her wanting to help too much... But she has been perfect... She helps when I need help, and could care less when I'm not wanting it... Here she is changing her first diaper by herself- look at that smile- such pride!:)

Hairbow Happiness

A few strands of hair fo' sure deserve a hairbow... I'm so in love with this little girl- I can't even take it...

Daddy LOVE...

It doesn't happen much, but when it does, it melts my heart... Daddy's girl.:)

Playdate Fun!

When a good friend said she'd be in town, I was so excited to have a playdate with her! Shannon Bagby came into town with her boys- who are sooo very cute- and we enjoyed pizza, ice cream, and lots of play! Who would have thought nearly 20 years ago this would be us... Some moments just make ya want to say Amen!:) <3

Summer Swim Team

Our summers wouldn't be the same without summer swim team- we do it every year, and I might cry when my kids don't want to- I love getting up, socializing, and starting the day with time at the pool. Ellie has been a trooper this summer and is along for the ride- has gone to practices every morning and been a part of the meets.:) Both the kids have had awesome seasons- Chris making all-stars in every stroke (you can only pick two to swim though) and even made all-stars for the 9-10 year old individual medley and he's only 8! Addie made it in both free and back- even qualified at the first meet! Today at practice, one of the coaches had a talk with Addie about "natural talent"... and told her she has it... so sweet! Chris also broke the boys team record in free and back and his relay team broke the team record- and he broke the ODSL backstroke record for the entire league! Brendan is over the moon happy with this since he was a swimmer- Most of all, I've seen Chris grow confidence and enjoy being so good... I'm just hoping he keeps the love next year when he moves up age groups and adds flip turns and 50's... which I'm sure will be a year of growth... But for now, we're enjoying an awesome season of fun, snack bar visits, more shark tattoos than you can imagine, and friendships! GO SHARKS! All-stars are in two weeks!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Week!

We had a great week... Chris and Addie both enjoyed special playdates with kids from their classes... and swim team was in full force... with both of them qualifying for all-stars already!:) Addie felt "big girlish" this week because I didn't make her have a bow in her hair at all times... but don't worry, I'm not giving them up quite yet! They also spent their evenings at Vacation Bible School and loved it. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the evenings too- even going to a concert at Brambleton together one night.

Ellie continues to grow... and is still sleeping like a dream. She has been spitting up more and more though- It never bothers her, but I see a doctor visit in the future just to make sure all is well. She smiles all the time and loves her nightly walk in the Baby Bjorn. She's going through a phase where if Brendan holds her she starts screaming... but hopefully this too shall pass. I'm pretty much obsessed with everything about her... from her dimple in her arms to her crazy hair that has fallen out in stripes.

A Day at the Ball Park...

Let's GO NATS! If you know us, you know we love the Washington Nationals... like Big Time. We follow them religiously, and going to a game in the all you can eat, all you can drink Diamond Club seats has been on our bucket list. Imagine how excited we were when some of our neighbors offered us tickets for next to nothing... and a parking pass!!! We jumped- and convinced Nona and Papa to buy some off of Stub Hub to join us since they'd have a dd and a ride to the game. We had sooooo much fun, and the Nats won for us. WE let the kids eat to their hearts desire, they danced, and despite the 95 degree weather, we all had so much fun- Ellie was a doll and was so good the entire day. Brendan and my parents kept the drinks flowing, and let's just say it was nice to at least act like we have money- even if it was just for a day.

After the game, Third Day performed in concert and Adam LaRoche headed the Nats up with sharing their testimony. LaRoche, Span, Desmond, and Stammen all spoke about their relationship with God- and it was great for all of us to hear- And it was such a good message for our kids to hear from major leaguers. I am a huge Third Day fan- even having their c.d... so this was just icing on the cake.

I would say it was a perfect day... but the next morning when we went to wake the kids up for swim team, Addie had puked twice during the night- It was all over her bed, on Chris's arm, on herself, and even the floor. The kids were so zonked out neither of them had woken up during this... Let's just say you could see popcorn in the mess- and we're sure she had overeaten... Now, maybe the kids will understand more why we limit what they eat!:)

Two peas in a pod

Ellie is so lucky to have two siblings that simply adore her... even on days like today when Addie goes to give her a kiss and Ellie projectile vomits all over Addie's face. We tried to laugh it off, but it really was disgusting!!! But sometimes I feel sad for her... because while she will always hold a special place in our family- she won't have a sibling that "grows" up with her. I never say just Chris, or just Addie... It's like they are a pair- Chris and Add, Addie and Chris... They go together like two peas in a pod. I don't even know if these two know how close they are... but their Mama sure does, and I love it. They're upstairs sleeping... together, like they have every day this week.

All-Out Thumbsucker

Ellie is an all-out thumbsucker... and I LOVE it. I think it's so cute... My mom tells me to enjoy it... until she's in kindergarten and still doing it like I did. And for the record, she sucks her left thumb, just like her Mama.:)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This is how we do it...

Brendan met his parents in Charlottesville this morning to get Chris and Addie- They had a summer getaway spending a couple nights with Gram and Pop Pop at SML... Jetski'ing, riding the tube pulled by the boat, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and it that wasn't enough they rode rides and enjoyed a night at the Salem Fair... spoiled much? Mommy enjoyed the break and realized how much I miss those boogers when they aren't here... But don't you worry, as soon as they returned, life returned to normal...

They spent the day at the pool... and kissing on Ellie. And I loved it... even the irritation.:)

Oh, and how cute is this- I can hardly even stand it... little painted pigs.:) Way too cute!