Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Week!

We had a great week... Chris and Addie both enjoyed special playdates with kids from their classes... and swim team was in full force... with both of them qualifying for all-stars already!:) Addie felt "big girlish" this week because I didn't make her have a bow in her hair at all times... but don't worry, I'm not giving them up quite yet! They also spent their evenings at Vacation Bible School and loved it. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the evenings too- even going to a concert at Brambleton together one night.

Ellie continues to grow... and is still sleeping like a dream. She has been spitting up more and more though- It never bothers her, but I see a doctor visit in the future just to make sure all is well. She smiles all the time and loves her nightly walk in the Baby Bjorn. She's going through a phase where if Brendan holds her she starts screaming... but hopefully this too shall pass. I'm pretty much obsessed with everything about her... from her dimple in her arms to her crazy hair that has fallen out in stripes.