Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More from today:)

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

In the midst of all of our craziness, I did manage to slip out today for an hour with my good friend, Karen, and her son, Caleb. Today was his 3rd birthday, so we attempted to get some pictures... and he turned out to be quite the little model... I warned Karen I'd post a couple on here... Karen~ many more are to come... when I find the time to edit them:) And how hot does Karen look:) She wasn't expecting me to take pictures, but I forced her! ENJOY!

In the meantime...

We've been sooo busy lately- we've had three dinner parties in the past four days~ all with GREAT company and I promise to update with pictures soon:) But for now, the kids crack me up!!!

Today, Chris was playing with a little girl at the gym- and when we left, she ran over and said "bye" to Chris and he turned red. I have been teasing him all day about Kate. It dawned on me that Kate is Justin's little sister. Justin is the boy that comes to the gym that Chris looks up to... and he's one of the "DS boys." Ya see, there is a click of little kids that have Nintendo DS's. So, I told Chris I was going to tell Justin that I know someone who likes his little sister, Kate. Then Chris said, "That's o.k., I'm going to tell him, that it's Johnny, the other DS boy that likes her." Ha!

Also Addie is turning into quite the storyteller. Let me just say that on the way home from Alabama on the Atlanta to Virginia leg of the flight she was a holy terror. I mean awful. Yes, my sweet princess was the worst kid I have ever seen on a plane and I was sooo mortified! But she's one up on me. When my mom asked her how she was on the airplane, she looked at my mom and said, "Her (as she's pointing to me) hit me." While she says this she demonstrates someone smacking her. I might have thought about hurting her, but I so did not do that! She's one smart cookie though- she somehow managed to draw sympathy for being awful!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


BFF's forever...

BFF's in the making:)

Addie Tay Tay

Of course, I had to post some pictures of my little girl:)

Ashley's girls

So many of my family members have wanted to see pictures of the girls... so here they are:)

Little Miss Betsey... she is going to give Ashley a run for her money. She is the sweetest little girl and is soooo good, but she cracks me up. She would walk ahead of us and pretend she was on the phone- we couldn't listen to her cell phone convo... when we asked who she was talking to, it was Chris:) She's already a girlie girl... Addie had put a pair of my socks on... and I said, "Oh Addie, that's sooo pretty." Betsey then said, "Don't tell her that, it's NOT pretty. That's tacky." HA!

Look at these eyes... little Marilyn Monroe

Pure happiness

I love these pictures... It was so hard being away from Chris, but it was so much fun having girlie time with Addison... Sometimes I feel bad because I had so much one on one time with Chris, and it's been totally different with Addie. I just look at these pictures and they make me happy:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beach preview...

Now, it's back to reality... we're back from our beach getaway and getting back in the groove. We had a fabulous time visiting Ashley and the girls- I want to post all of my pictures... but I had over 400, so I think I'll spare you guys. I'll finish posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow- I'm soooo tired, but here a few to get started... The beach condo was absoultely stunning- I wish I had taken pictures of the views... Ash has the penthouse condo and it's amazing. If any of you know Ashley, you know how crazy she is... check out the dresser in the "girl's room:"

Here's a picture of the beach- Brendan didn't believe me when I came home last time and told him there were oil rigs right off the beach... here's my proof:)

More zebra print- just in a more grown-up way... and even more Ashleyish are the orange leather chairs that are in her dining area:)

I thought this was a cool picture- The owner of this boat was out at sea and the waters got really rough, so he came to shore. Unfortunatly, the anchor didn't work right, and his boat was beached... some people said it will take about $60,000 to get it out and fix the propeller... Can you imagine making a $60,000 mistake!

And here's some preciousness... I'll post lots more tomorrow:) I see "Besties" in the making!


I'm such a sucker for football shows... Let me just say if they decide to cancel Friday Night Lights, I might seriously go into a deep depression- It really is the best show I've EVER seen. Did any of you watch the show two-a-days on MTV about the high school football team? I LOVED it, and it was actually about the Hoover Bucs- where Ashley's sister Amy went to High School... I couldn't visit Birmingham without visiting Hoover High, so Ash took me to see the "campus." It was seriously like a college campus- It was huge! I did feel kind of crazy being a 31 year old woman posing for pictures during school hours:) Oh- and a little interesting fact- the coach- Coach Probst that was on the show... he's not the coach anymore. He was FIRED! Yep, fired- it turns out that he had a whole other "family" that he was hiding in a podunk town!!! Now, why oh why, would you go on national television if you were hiding a second family?!?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lucy and Ethel are at it again...

I've been M.I.A. from my blog.... because I'm in Florida! Woo Hoo! Addie and I flew to Birmingham, and then Ashley, Betsey, Ellasyn, Addie, and I road-tripped it down to Ash's beach condo... that is the coolest place ever. Brendan, you are in trouble though- I think we (we meaning Ash and I) have decided that we were meant to live a life of leisure... and as long as we take care of our children, cook, and clean we are doing our jobs:) Speaking of taking care of our children- it's been constant chaos around here... we have three girls that each think they are the queen and aren't willing to settle on being a princess... but it truly is darling to see them play together- they LOVE each other. Last night, we did decide to venture out... so we piled the girls in a wagon, walked a good ways and went to "Tacky Jack's", a bar, with our children. Don't worry- we ordered all three girls virgin Strawberry Daquiri's while we enjoyed a Pina Colada... with Blue Curac in true Thelma and Lousie fashion. When I get home, I'll be sure to post TONS of pictures and share some stories:)

Chris is having a fabulous time with Brendan at Gram and Pop Pop's house. He was soooo excited he got to go play frisbee golf with Daddy and Uncle Sean- and he played the entire course. Chris- Mommy misses you sooo much- and can't wait to see you:)

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another family member...

that I would consider a local celebrity:) My cousin Douglas started a blog called Fatpickled~ http://budlightthoughts.blogspot.com/ . It's a great sports blog and he's often featured on Chris Cooley's blog, http://chriscooley47.blogspot.com/ . Make sure you check it out today- Douglas wrote about rally'ing for the cure and cancer- I'm sure it has affected all of us... and he does a special tribute to my Nanny P.P... Look at her picture:) He also mentions how she could pass gas like no other. She so could... and she always said, "They smell like roses." It made me think of a funny story- I always say that my "toots" smell like roses. One summer at summer camp, I told all the campers that they smell like roses, and the kids and staff thought that was THE funniest thing they had ever heard. I thought it was funny, but not hilarious. Then, on the last day of camp, when we were doing awards, the kids thought they really had one on me... and each camper handed me a box of raisens. The whole summer, they thought I said my farts smell like raisens... HA!

Sometimes I wonder about...

my family's sense of humor. As if the stanky leg wasn't enough, when I was flipping through the pictures from Easter morning, I think I got a better understanding of why Chris is the way he is...

Who puts their kids in a dog cage... and why does it look like Jack is eating his breakfast in there?

Awww... such a cute picture of Jack-Jack- until I look closely, and he's playing with Papa's fake poop. My dad loves to put it out to trick people... and it looks like Jack was the lucky one to find it...

The hidden egg... this trick never gets old. Every year, Chuck hides an egg in his butt... and someone gets to find it... Lucky Chris. For some reason, we all find this hilarious... and it never gets old.

Do the stanky leg

Did you know there is a dance called the stanky leg? I didn't, and at first I thought my cousins were fooling me. Times like these are when I miss working at the group home- I'm not on top of my game anymore. Search you tube for the stanky leg... and you'll see... these people have nothing on my family:)

It was funny~ How ironic is this... Monday morning we walked into the daycare at the gym and one of the worker's just happened to be talking about the stanky leg dance... So what happens? Chris and Addie stick their leg out and start saying, "Do the stanky leg." I wasn't quite sure if I was proud or horrified:)

Breakfast at Nona's

We had a huge turnout at my mom's house for Easter breakfast... and then Jackie had made eggs up for her Annual Easter Egg hunt for the kids~ It was such a fun morning:)

I just thought this picture was pretty:)

Too cute not to share- The newest addition of the family... Lauren and Kevin's doggie, Sadie.

Easter Morning

Every Easter morning, we wake up, the kids find their Easter baskets, and then we quickly get ready to head over to my mom's for a big family breakfast... This year, we switched things around a little bit. Chris was soooo excited about the Easter bunny that he was wide awake at 6:45! We made him cuddle in our bed for a while until we realized that boy was not going back to sleep... so we woke Addie up and the kids ran downstairs for their baskets... This year, in the family room, they found some pool toys, beach towels, sunglasses, etc. and a note from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny told us to sit in a circle as a family (gay, I know) and we had a time of worship. We broke out the children's bible and told the story of Jesus, and Chris was soooo into it. We said a family prayer and then the letter continued and told the kids to run downstairs to find their baskets- where their "big" present was:) It was a sweet morning... except for the fact that since then Chris has become obsessed with talking about the nails in Jesus's hands and wants to see pictures all the time... maybe I should have left that part out.

Here are the kids- in their Christmas jammies... on Easter morning- bedhead and all:)

Getting ready to head to Nona's... Chris sporting the aviators:)

Addie- not happy she had to wear the sweater, and now I wish I let her leave it off so you could see her beautiful dress... Don't ya love her shoes- her white sandals didn't make it in time for Easter morning, so she picked out pink snow boots... lovely!