Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Morning

Every Easter morning, we wake up, the kids find their Easter baskets, and then we quickly get ready to head over to my mom's for a big family breakfast... This year, we switched things around a little bit. Chris was soooo excited about the Easter bunny that he was wide awake at 6:45! We made him cuddle in our bed for a while until we realized that boy was not going back to sleep... so we woke Addie up and the kids ran downstairs for their baskets... This year, in the family room, they found some pool toys, beach towels, sunglasses, etc. and a note from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny told us to sit in a circle as a family (gay, I know) and we had a time of worship. We broke out the children's bible and told the story of Jesus, and Chris was soooo into it. We said a family prayer and then the letter continued and told the kids to run downstairs to find their baskets- where their "big" present was:) It was a sweet morning... except for the fact that since then Chris has become obsessed with talking about the nails in Jesus's hands and wants to see pictures all the time... maybe I should have left that part out.

Here are the kids- in their Christmas jammies... on Easter morning- bedhead and all:)

Getting ready to head to Nona's... Chris sporting the aviators:)

Addie- not happy she had to wear the sweater, and now I wish I let her leave it off so you could see her beautiful dress... Don't ya love her shoes- her white sandals didn't make it in time for Easter morning, so she picked out pink snow boots... lovely!