Friday, April 3, 2009


How cute is this? I can't begin to tell you how sweet Addie Tay is... She is such a little princess... I had to take a picture, because she is just too funny. Everyone knows that my children are sleepers... they go to bed super easy, sleep all night, and sleep in... not to mention take a LONG nap:) I guess it's in their bloodand I'm lucky:) We have our battles in this household, but sleep is not one of them...Addie has always been so easy to put down to sleep... KNOCK ON WOOD... the second I brag on her, things will change! We read our books, say prayers, "blow" out her light, and say night night to everyone... and then she'll lay down in her bed and go to sleep... BUT she has to have piggy with her... and recently baby doll, barbie, and her princess pillow... and they all have to be covered up with their very own blankies... it's soooo sweet:)