Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Preview

Today we had our neighborhood Halloween get together... We dressed up and paraded around the neighborhood... And then returned to our street to play with our neighbors that we love so much... We had some great swingset time and an mad kickball game going on...

Here's a little Halloween preview... This year we let the kids pick out whatever they wanted... and we ended up with a "blue ninja" and "Super Girl." Today, I could so tell the difference between having a boy and a girl...

Girls want to be sweet and cute

Boys want to be scary...

Girls are so sweet, giggle, lovingly share, and genuinely love each other. *** At this age... I'm sure this post description will change in a few years- Ha!

And boys will be boys... full of energy!

But I wouldn't change anything about having one of each... They are my heart!

Tailgate 2011

We were able to make a quick trip to see Gram and Pop Pop at Smith Mountain Lake where we celebrated Chris's birthday, and then we spent the most beautiful Fall day in Blacksburg cheering on the Hokies. We tailgated with the Shetler Family- They are so amazing, Mike just returned from an entire year serving our country in Afghanistan. The kids played the entire day and we tailgated from 10-almost9 at night (while watching the game in between). Brian was able to join us, and we couldn't have asked for a better day!

My Precious Topher:)

How sweet is this? I found Chris working on his own "play book." He has fallen in love with football- loves playing it outside, inside, on the video game... anywhere. He actually understands all the rules and follows the game- It's so sweet.

He is really growing up so fast- I'm shocked at how much he's learning at school- and when he gets home he usually has 30-45 minutes of homework- and he's always a trooper. We're looking forward to an eventful week celebrating his birthday- I can't believe my baby is going to be 7!
Every day I can't wait to go through his bookbag to see what's waiting for me... This week he brought home an "apple" picture... I could tell he worked so hard on it...
As usual, he had a Chris remark when I told him it was so good- "Yep, I did weally good on it, but I got carried away- Look how fat I made the trunk!" LOL... I wouldn't have noticed, but he's right... Love that boy.:)

Fall Park Fun...

I refuse to think about winter coming... and we will hold onto afternoons at the park as long as we can- The kids have way too much fun not to make the trip... We drive about five minutes to a neighborhood that has a great park... and just prentend like we live there.:)
Super Girl...

This little girl spends hours practicing gymnastics a day. When I say she does 100 cartwheels in the family room a day, I promise you that that is an underestimate.

Chris annoying the girls... And little Taylor telling... or yelling at him to get out of their picture. Luckily, he found another boy to play with... Poor thing...

And Chris is still trying to sneak in... Ha!

They could have spent hours making faces and looking at the camera to see the picture.

"Mustache Moose"... It's the new thing and they find it sooooo funny. LOL.

Oh, sweet Addison...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Littlestown Love

Awww... Averey and Tracey sent the kids care packages thanking them for making the ride up for Ave's game... Luckily, they sent two seperate packages- one for Chris and one for Addie because Addie got the mail and couldn't contain herself when she saw her package. She opened it right away... but not to worry- We saved Chris's for later when he got off the bus. The kids got two Littlestown High beach towels and LOVE them... Addie asked if it was Averey's towel... and I could tell, she thought it was his actual towel he gave her- so I just went along with it... Can ya tell she's just a little in love?:)

I'm sure the towels will get a lot of use since we live in the water and they made the kids' day... And I'm glad it was a Littlestown towel. Averey says Pitt is his first choice. I don't want any of that stuff... We were holding out that he would go to Virginia Tech. Oh well, at least we'll have a place to stay when we play... I mean beat them.:)
*Oh... and more pictures to come of Topher... but I'm getting better- I downloaded all of these pictures so I could take the camera to the park today. :)


Thanks to our lady in shining armor- Gram- Brendan was able to let me tag along on a business trip to... Hawaii!!! Gram was gracious enough to come take over the McCullers household and hold down the fort and we are so thankful- because we had such an awesome week! It was so nice to get away- just the two of us and spend some quality adult time!

We checked Pearl Harbor off the bucket list...

toured submarines


and museums.

We visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation and of course had the to die for ice cream.

We rode around the entire island of O'ahu, went to the North Shore and saw the surfers, and ate the best shrimp I've ever had from a shrimp shack.

We hiked through a rain forest that had the most beautiful scenery ever and found a waterfall.

We stayed in the most beautiful resort- It even had exotic animals and a Louis Vuitton store. Don't worry, I was denied on a purse. We did get to enjoy the VIP lounge and fancy dinners beach front.

We spent an entire day pool and beach side and only had to worry about greasing up each other...

And I could not have asked for more. I love ya B!