Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's that time of year!

Okay, I could only threaten the kids for so long that they weren't getting anything for Christmas and our beloved Elf, Nicky Toothy, wasn't coming this year... The kids were extremely fussy over Thanksgiving break- but we're back in school and yesterday they were angels.  They had friends over after school and we had homemade brownie sundaes... I hope the other parents aren't made if I spoiled dinner... oops!   Then at 7 at night, I HAD to get out of the house, so we invited Nona over for a walk... and armed with flashlights, we walked around the neighborhood and judged Christmas lights.... Chris likes anything with color, I prefer the classic look, Nona only likes lights that are perfect, and Addie likes everything I like... so I need to watch what I say- On more than one occasion, she looked at a house and said, "Mommy, that's tacky!" 
This morning, when Nicky Toothy was out, the kids were soooo excited and I realized I have another year where they truly believe.  Chris was so nervous Addie was going to touch the elf and it would lose it's magic, and Addie was so cute saying, "Nicky Toothy- Mama tells me McKenna is sold out- Can you please, please, please have the elves make me one."  It was precious... and I realized that maybe I'll get excited about this holiday season yet- seeing it through the kid's eyes. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Perfect Afternoon...

Today, the kids had an early dismissal from school for dental appointments... They both did great- Although the dental hygienist still remembers Addie from her first visit 3 years ago when she threw a total fit and wouldn't be seen... I think she left quite the impression.:)   Yay for no cavities... Let's hope they continue to have Daddy's solid teeth and not mine.:)
After their appointment, it was a gorgeous day, so we headed to Trailside Park... Chris was my sweet little boy but started off playing the "I'm getting to big to play at a park" card... I'm soooo not ready for that...
Kevin, Lauren, and Callan came to meet up with us and Callan was the center of attention- sooo cute!:) 
Chris continued to have a 'tude and I was getting fed up...
                                            Oh yes, he's going through that stage... making funny faces, talking in strange, annoying voices, and just being all out goofy...

 And doing things like messing up his sisters picture...
 Sweet Addie... Along for the ride- always happy and making friends... :)

 But as soon as Kevin and Lauren left- who now looking back on it, he was working hard to be "big" in front of... He found his inner kid... and we stayed for another hour. The kids made friends, played in the woods, and even knocked down and then rebuilt a tee pee.

 Dare I say it- Chris became my loving, sweet, little baby boy...  and

We ended up having a perfect day.  Yay for parks... and Chris and Add better get used to going... Baby #3 deserves to visit the park at some point in her life.:)

Made With Love

"Mommy, Why does Krysta always make me pretty bows?  Is it because she loves me and because I'm one of her girlfriends?" 
Yep, baby, she sure does... and it will never get old how Addie uses the word girlfriend... Like when she high-fives me and says, "High five, Girlfriend!" :)
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We're halfway there...

Yep, it's been a while... I just tried to update the Slog with a few posts... and promise to be better from here on out.  I love this blog because it's my way of remembering life with my kids.  They seem to be growing up before my very eyes. 
I got off track this summer when we found out we're adding a baby to our family and becoming a Party of Five!  During the first 12 weeks, I was sick, and would retreat to my bed and crash earlier than I ever have in my life!  I have never been sick when I was pregnant- and I literally thought I was going to die.  Luckily, the kids were so great, and some nights would just agree to watch t.v. and let me lay down- They totally "got" that Mommy was sick.
We are past 20 weeks and I can NOT wait for our little girl to be here!
I'm not gonna lie... It took me a little while to get to this point.  The first two weeks we knew we were expecting, I was giddy, and over the moon.  Then, I became sick, and I felt like a horrible mother because I just kept thinking to myself how easy life has gotten and how much I love our little family- Brendan, Shelley, Chris and Addie.  I was down because I FEEL older, I AM older AND heavier, and add pregnancy hormones and ya have one hot mess! Top that with the fact that we had it in our minds that we were having a boy... and then we received the news that it's A GIRL! and I felt even worse.  We paid for an early ultrasound to find out and when we left the exam room I asked a woman in the waiting room what she was having... When she said "boy", I looked at her and said, "I'll trade ya..." Let's just say it wasn't one of my finer parenting moments... and I felt even worse because here I am blessed with a child- a gift from God- when some dream and pray for one.  Yep, so let's just say I really think I was struggling internally with all the changes that are about to happen to our family...
Fast forward to now... I am giddy with excitement.  The kids can't wait for their baby sister, and I literally melt when I rehearse in my head things like, "Brendan you take Chris to baseball, and I've got the girls."  Yep, the Girls!  I guess I never had a sister and I didn't "get" what it will be like... But I know that Addie is going to be the best Big Sister in the world. 
Speaking of Addie- Some days she is in love with the thought of a baby... and then there are mornings like the other day when she cries and fusses, "No one loves me.  Everyone loves the new baby."  Brendan and I are both determined to let her know how special she is to us and to never have a middle child... Unless she's calling herself our little "monkey in the middle"... and she knows that comes with special perks- Like cuddling between us in bed, being an Addie sandwich, and getting all the attention in the world.:)
Chris is excited for the baby, but he's so cute- Sometimes he rolls his eyes and says "another sister."  He's just growing up too fast... and now that I know that I'm having another girl- I'm glad.  I'm pretty sure that no boy could be like my Chris.  He's always been my sidekick, my special boy, and we just have this special connection that I could never put into words...
So, there you have it...  after a roller coaster of emotions, we're on our way to having three children... and I'm sure our world is about to be turned upside down- At least now we're welcoming it with open arms.:)
And yep, I'm growing... Let's hope not too much- Ya know, every girl wants to be huge and then be in her brother's wedding six weeks after delivering!
19 weeks to go... and we can't wait to share it all.:) 


Baby #3 is going to have a hard time fitting in... because these two really are two peas in a pod and love each other so much.:)

Halloween 2012

Yay!  Daddy was home for Halloween for the first time in years... Yep, he had to use vacation time to make sure, but he never complained... and even used a vacation day for the next day so he could take the kids to Donuts with Dad the next morning... LOVE.:)
We spent Halloween night in our Hood and loved it... The kids ran with their friends, we walked with ours, and Brendan even carried adult beverages. Such a fun night! 
And yes... Chris was sooo excited- We finally gave in and let him be Scream for Halloween... with a weapon.  We had denied this for two years... but don't let him know- We mainly gave in because he really wanted to wear a black morphsuit and he'd only fit into an adult size which ran 60 bucks... Scream was the smarter choice... at least for our wallets... Needless to say- he surprised us... and didn't even get in trouble with his machete once!  Hallelujah!!!

Flood Much?

While Gi Gi was visiting, we were hit by Hurricane Sandy... Luckily for us, it wasn't a direct hit... and it's a good thing- Goose Creek is behind our house- and it looks like it gets a little close when it rains!!!

Little Leopard Girl

Poor Chris... I don't have as many pictures of him as Addie because he is always on the go- This night he was at swimming practice before Sycolin Creek's fall festival.  How cute was our little leopard girl?
At the end of October, Gi Gi came to visit up for a long weekend.  We all enjoyed her stay sooooo much.  She got to see what all we do, how crazy our house is, and even babysat the kids one night so Brendan and I could go to a party for Halloween!  We could get used to having a babysitter- Come back any time Gi Gi! 

Field Trip!

Addie's Kindergarten class took their field trip to the pumpkin patch and I joined them... She had a great time... but this sweet, little girl could have cared less if I was there or not because she was following a little boy around- and ordering him around the entire time.... She already has a crush!

Football 2012

Chris played for the Wolverines this fall and loved every second of it... He pretty much killed it and when the Coach gave out personalized awards, he nailed it with Chris's... giving himi the "Beast Award." :)

Spirit Week

We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit, how 'bout you???
Yep, we're dorks, and the kids and I get a little dorky and excited when it comes to school.  We had a great time participating in spirit week... The kids especially loved Crazy Hair Day!:)

My Handsome Prince

One morning, Chris asked if he could dress "like a gentleman" for school- He wanted to be like David Wilson from the Hokies and wear a shirt and tie.  I'll have to admit- I was a little nervous sending him to school like this... But he came home soooo happy and even said some people said he was "handsome."... And I think those people were some of his crushes...:) 
Although, he must have been a little nervous because at his school conference his teacher mentioned how he looked so nice and was dressed up one day- and said Chris made sure to tell her that his mommy made him do it.... What!?!
Speaking of his conference- Chris's teacher just raved about him... sooooo much.  He's smart, polite, so very kind... and role model...  I'm always so proud of him, but let the teacher not that he's a handful at home.  This time, his teacher told me that teachers often say that the true test to how a child is being raised is how they act when their parents aren't around - and that Chris is an angel.  I then teared up right in front of her.  Talk about pride... even if he does make me go batty at home.:) 

Happy Fall Y'all...

When the kids are at school, sometimes I try to get crafty... This was just the start of mums and pumpkins galore... My parents laughed every time they came to our house- and said I should start a pumpkin patch.:)

Pretty Girl...

I love Addie and my laid back mornings... We usually go back to bed for an hour or two once Chris is on the bus, and then lounge for most of the morning- unless we have a playdate or gymnastics- and then I have fun dressing my little doll up for school.  I love this little girl sooooo much... We had fun with my 1980's lock-n-roll curlers this morning.:)

Let's Go Nats...

Wow, what a ride!  We became major Nats fans this year and what a magical year it was... Brendan and I enjoyed an entire day date to one of the playoff games (where they got killed- Boo!).  I was prepared with my camera... and then bam, the battery went dead... But here's my handsome.:) No, no... not Strasburg... Brendonian.:)

Tiny Tornados

Another season is in the books... Addie loves softball and loves her Daddy coaching her even more!

Lovin' on Callan...

The kids are in love with Callan... and love playing with him.  Callan is always up for a playdate and lately we've met up at the park, McDonald's, and just hung out at Chuck and Jackie's... and something tells me that both Chris and Addie are going to LOVE having a baby sister.:)