Monday, February 4, 2013

Goin' to the chapel

I can't believe my baby brother is getting married!!! We picked out tuxes this weekend and the countdown is on... and I can tell I'm going to be a hot mess full of tears... even if it is a happy, happy day!

Communion Sunday

Brendan and I have really been trying to make church a priority- not just for the kids, but for all of us... and Chris has been attending a communion class every Sunday. This Sunday, he celebrated by going to the adult service and taking communion- We are so proud of him. We were lucky to have Will and Joanie to come up and celebrate with us and spend a special weekend with us- They spent the day at the Udvar Hazy Museum and then we had a Superbowl Party- with TONS of good food!!! A special weekend for a special boy!

Blog Slacking

We've been so busy, and I ALWAYS forget my camera... Blogging is so much easier when you have pictures to go along with your post and to remind you what you were up to... even if the picture is an afterthough and snapped in the Ida Lee changing room leaving you kind of looking like a creeper... Ha!

Sweet Addie Tay has started swim lessons at Ida Lee... and she will officially be joining Chris in Snow Swimming- starting their stroke clinic this month! Woo Hoo!

Da Bump...

Is getting huge- I swear since this picture was taken I've doubled in size in a week... Soooooo not good!

I'm gonna miss this...

I can't believe Addie will be in school ALL day next year... I'm going to miss mornings where we cuddle and she watches Spondgebob and I sleep and check my e-mail... I'm going to miss our girl time... and moments like these. Gotta love American Girl tea parties before school.:)

Smartypants Chris

I would never say that my kids are perfect... If you know Chris- He is a HANDFUL, throws fits, tests our nerves, is all boy, and has a little of his Mama in him- so you better watch out... But he just blows us away when it comes to school- always has. He comes home with perfect papers- his tests are always A+'s, we go over spelling words one time and he gets them perfect, he knows definitions for tests word for word, and just has this great memory. Yep, I'm bragging on him a little- His report cards say how he's the model student, has the best work ethic, and is basically an outstanding student... Sometimes I wonder if they have the right kid- HA~!

So, we are over the moon proud of him- but what gets me really happy is when papers like this come home- He was studying heiroglyphics and could write anything he wanted... He chose to write out "I love my family"... and then our family's names- including Ellie... spelled "Elle." How sweet is that...

I have to say Addie is following in her brother's footsteps- Her report card was amazing and her teacher reports how great she is... She knows everything and is doing great... but I just have a feeling in the future- we'll be going over those spelling words a few times with her... :) Addie sometimes scares me though- It's like she's too good to be true- She's just sweet, listens, is loving- it's like a dream child...

Both kids, had great report cards and we told them they could go anywhere they wanted to eat for a special report card celebration... They chose Cici's... We wine and dine them as you can see- Ha!

Okay, okay, enough bragging... Trust me- we have plenty of issues with these kids... but we are very proud of them.:)

Ragamuffin Add

She's our little fearless tomboy- who has now mastered the backwalkover, splits, and the most beautiful roundolph you've ever seen... It should be because I guarantee we have to watch 100 a day and "judge" them. Just your typical Saturday morning of Addie's shows...:)

No more guest room!

It's official- we have a huge house with more room than you could imagine... and we don't have a guest room- Ha... Oh, and to make matters worse, the kids lost their playroom... but it will be worth it for our new bundle of joy... at least that's what I keep saying!

With lots of help form Stephanie Knackstadt Interiors, my mom and dad, and Brendan doing manual labor, the nursery is coming right along... We still need to finish up with accessories- Lampshades are being made, pillows sewn, and a large wooden monogram for the blank wall- as soon as we agree on a name... So in other words, it might be blank for a while- ha! But, I'm in love... and can't wait to put this room to use!

Girls Rule, Boys Drool!

Brendan and I decided to have special days with the kids last weekend... He headed to baseball practice and the movies with Topher...

And I got to take in the play "The Little Mermaid" at Briar Woods High School with Addie and go out for Mexican! Such a fun day and we both loved having one on one time with the kids- And we will for sure be going to more high school productions- This play was as good as Disney- Addie even got to meet the cast and get autographs afterwards... She was the perfect lady, watching so intently and so good... made me melt.:)