Monday, February 4, 2013

Smartypants Chris

I would never say that my kids are perfect... If you know Chris- He is a HANDFUL, throws fits, tests our nerves, is all boy, and has a little of his Mama in him- so you better watch out... But he just blows us away when it comes to school- always has. He comes home with perfect papers- his tests are always A+'s, we go over spelling words one time and he gets them perfect, he knows definitions for tests word for word, and just has this great memory. Yep, I'm bragging on him a little- His report cards say how he's the model student, has the best work ethic, and is basically an outstanding student... Sometimes I wonder if they have the right kid- HA~!

So, we are over the moon proud of him- but what gets me really happy is when papers like this come home- He was studying heiroglyphics and could write anything he wanted... He chose to write out "I love my family"... and then our family's names- including Ellie... spelled "Elle." How sweet is that...

I have to say Addie is following in her brother's footsteps- Her report card was amazing and her teacher reports how great she is... She knows everything and is doing great... but I just have a feeling in the future- we'll be going over those spelling words a few times with her... :) Addie sometimes scares me though- It's like she's too good to be true- She's just sweet, listens, is loving- it's like a dream child...

Both kids, had great report cards and we told them they could go anywhere they wanted to eat for a special report card celebration... They chose Cici's... We wine and dine them as you can see- Ha!

Okay, okay, enough bragging... Trust me- we have plenty of issues with these kids... but we are very proud of them.:)