Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippy Mama

We had no plans today and I was home with the kids... I can't take playing inside all day, so I found a local park with trails down by the river. I packed a backpack and the kids and I set out on an adventure! We went hiking, played by the river, found worms, hunted for frogs, and then headed to the park. Todd, Sarah, and the boys ended up joining us and we stayed all evening! It was sooo much fun...

Todd wants you all to know that he beat me in a running race. Well, he did more than beat me- he killed me. I think this is the first time he has ever beaten me in anything. Oh, and I beat Sarah... HA! But she is claiming that she sprained her ankle... I don't buy it.:) Yes, the adults were participating in games, too.

Nice faces you guys... Addie is looking at ya'll like you are CRAZY!

Swim Meet

Chris had a swim meet this weekend at George Mason University! I was NOT prepared for this one... It wasn't a small meet like normal- There were about six teams. When we got there, I had to send Chris through a door and say good-bye- Parents were not allowed on the pool deck! I had to watch from up in the stands and he was on his own. I was so nervous! It didn't seem to faze Chris at all- He even got up on the real starter's block and dove right in! He's the third from the left!

Easter Celebration

Our new neighborhood had an Easter celebration this weekend- and of course we jumped right in! We missed the egg hunt because Chris had tee ball practice, but we made it in time to see the Easter Bunny... We also got balloon animals and played on the inflatables...

You can tell Addie has an older brother- She went airborne by jumping on her takeoff down the huge slide...

and ended up like this- and LOVED it! NO FEAR!

Spring Program

Brendan, Addie, Nona, and I got to visit Chris's school and watch his spring program. He was a ham as usual and did a great job! I will never tire of these programs- all the kids are soooo sweet!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gram to the Rescue

Gram came up to help entertain the kids while we finished the move and while I attended the conference... If you don't know about the conference- check out She did more than entertain the kids so Brendan and I could get some work done... They had soooo much fun, and we were so glad to have her help! Thanks Gram!!! The kids loved having her visit and now call the guest room bed, "Gram's bed." She had special time with Addie and started every morning pretending she was camping with Chris and making coffee together. This is just a teeny tiny sampling of what they did!

She brought everything we needed for a St. Patricks Day party... including corned beef and cabbage, homemade cookies, and decorations! My parents came over, and we all had a great celebration!

She joined us at Chris's school when he was Star of the Day!

She taught the kids how to cook... Chris even made Irish Soda Bread all by himself.

And she and Brendan took the kids to the circus!!! The kids are still talking about it!

I would love to show you more pictures, but they are on Brendan's computer. I can guarantee you that she put in a full work week of 40 hours at the new park across from our house! Come back soon Gram!

So proud...

Today, we went spring shoe shopping for Chris. I saw these really cute brown leather flip flops and Chris wanted nothing of them... and then he said, "Would Averey wear these?" I said, "Yes, Averey has a pair and loves them!" Chris immediately changed his mind and we brought a pair home!!! My kids just adore Averey... and he is quite the role model to have... Guess who was just inducted into the National Honor Society, won his first tennis match, and is headed to London with Brad and Jenny?.... Yep- little Avers... who isn't little so more. He's grown up to be so handsome and I couldn't be more proud.:)

Mail Time

The kids have been getting some great mail lately- from Uncle Bruce and Aunt Denise's travels, magazines, cards, and these cute sticky notes from Great Gramma... The kids wanted to show ya how much they loved them Great Gramma!

Future Hubby and Wife

Our good friends Paul and Rosie have already come over for dinner. Addie and their son D.J. say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's soooo cute... They even held hands to say grace.:)

Belly Laugh!

When we were packing, I had things all over the place... I had gone through my bathroom and things were scattered! Chris came running down the stairs one morning shouting, "Mom, this is the coolest thing ever!" I was expecting something awesome... and this is what I got! Chris really thought he was Wolverine. Mama, "You'll never believe it, I'm Wolverine." Ha! Nice tampons, honey.:)

Addie goes to the dentist

This was actually Addison's second visit to the dentist... but I forgot my camera the first time! She was a complete angel and let them do everything. And of course, she loved staring at herself in the mirror!:)


Hey Ya'll... We've been M.I.A. for a while! We officially sold our house, are now living in Brambleton, and househunting! Oh- and go ahead and call us CRAZY... we know we are!

I'm going to try and catch ya up on some of the things we've been up to... and then I'll try my best to keep this blog updated. The kids have kept us entertained as usual, and you guys are missing out on so much these past few weeks... If you only knew.:)

It's officially been a year since Chris broke his arm... and he's back on the monkey bars!

Mommy and Daddy playing who can stay on the beam the longest- Daddy won.

Addie found a pacifier during the move from Chris's keepsake box. She NEVER used a pacifier- and I tried and tried to get her to take one... She wanted the pacifier during the move, and for two days I let her have it... and then it magically was lost.;) We never said anything about it- but on the front it had a VT. She cried for it and said, "I want my Ginger Tech bippy." HA! We now call it Ginger Tech.:)

Todd came to the park with the boys. Actually- Todd and Mage got lost on the way to the park and Brendan had to go out searching for him! I was left at the park with Chris, Addie and Jack. A man was at the park with a little girl and I asked Chris what was taking Daddy and Uncle Dave so long?... Chris blurted out, "They must have gone to drink some beers!" I was sooo embarassed!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Addie was in big girl undies all day. She pooped on the potty again... and after she did it she said, "Man, I just plopped that thing out." Ha!

Before nap time, we were reading and Chris laid on top of me. He said, is this how we took naps when I was a baby? I always tell him stories of when he was a baby... and the next thing you know, Addie was right on top of Chris screaming "Chris sandwich." Gotta love it.:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Swimming

Chris has been swimming with Snow Swimming for the past couple of months and competed in his first swim meet this weekend. He swam free and back and did awesome! He was the only 5 year old in the entire meet, and even beat a couple of people in his age division- which consisted mainly of eight year olds!!! The meet was a few hours long, so we weren't sure how he would do... but he loved it! We even gave him an out- We said, do you want to do another meet or was it too boring? He said, "Yes, it was soooo fun." He did say he was nervous before it started.:)

Before the swim meet, I asked him how to show me how to swim backstroke. He pretended, and while he was doing it, he said, "Thumb up, brush your ear, pinky down." I was shocked! He knows exactly how to do it. He then let me know, "Mommy, you know, I'm a professional." Ha!

Addie was such a good girl at the meet. She made friends and kept busy playing with her toys. She would have been happy playing there all day! She's her brother's biggest fan. The moment she wakes up in the morning, she says, "Where's my brudder?" The other day before naptime, I started to read a book to her, and she wouldn't let me start... she said, "Wait for my brudder, I don't want him to miss it." She always thinks of Chris... let's hope it stays that way for a while.:) Lately, she is into having "Girl time with Mommy, and boy time with Daddy." Now she calls time with daddy, "Daddy/daugther time." She soooo has Brendan wrapped around her finger already.:)