Friday, March 26, 2010

Gram to the Rescue

Gram came up to help entertain the kids while we finished the move and while I attended the conference... If you don't know about the conference- check out She did more than entertain the kids so Brendan and I could get some work done... They had soooo much fun, and we were so glad to have her help! Thanks Gram!!! The kids loved having her visit and now call the guest room bed, "Gram's bed." She had special time with Addie and started every morning pretending she was camping with Chris and making coffee together. This is just a teeny tiny sampling of what they did!

She brought everything we needed for a St. Patricks Day party... including corned beef and cabbage, homemade cookies, and decorations! My parents came over, and we all had a great celebration!

She joined us at Chris's school when he was Star of the Day!

She taught the kids how to cook... Chris even made Irish Soda Bread all by himself.

And she and Brendan took the kids to the circus!!! The kids are still talking about it!

I would love to show you more pictures, but they are on Brendan's computer. I can guarantee you that she put in a full work week of 40 hours at the new park across from our house! Come back soon Gram!