Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

The past two days have been super busy- but yet laid back... The kids and I had a sweet Mother's Day- consisting of a day at the gym, ice cream at Sweet Frog- our new favorite, and park hopping.  Oh- not to mention playing together on the trampoline and just loving on each other. 

This morning we woke up and after a night of Addie coughing and sounding like she was wheezing, we decided to have a doctor's visit.  Yep, Addie Tay was definitely wheezing and had to do a nebulizer treatment in the office and got an inhaler to use at home. Poor thing.  We snuggled up in bed and made a doll house room out of a box.  Addie is soooo sweet- We made a bed complete with a pillow- pretty good out of a Sun Chips box if ya ask me.:)  Addie decorated the walls with pictures of her entire family and even put her name above her bed like in her room...
 and the numbers 4 and 7.  I was kind of confused and asked Addie why she put 4 and 7... to which she replied, "Mommy because I'm 4 and Chris is 7."  Duh!
 And look at all these cards Chris made for me.  He takes Spanish at school- I loved how he signed this one with my love name for him- "Topher"...  He's going to be a heartbreaker!
 Gotta love this: 
 Awww... and "There couldn't be anything better than you or dad."  I'll take it- That's what makes my Mother's Day!:)
Tonight we had dinner with Nona and Papa and we're down to two days until Daddy returns... It's the home stretch baby!  Oh- and it's so nice to know that some people actually read this blog- Thanks so much for the sweet e-mail Aunt Paula- Miss ya tons and hope to see ya this Summer!

Sensational Saturday

Saturday started off great- The kids woke up and let Mommy sort of sleep in- They were busy creating an "army" out of Lego's.  It's so sweet how they play together now- I'm so lucky that Chris and Addie really are best friends...that is until they get great ideas together that can prove disastrous- like getting out sharpie markers and "customizing" the Lego men.   Ya know- adding extra features to make them original.  Luckily- this time it didn't involve getting permanent marker anywhere...

We had our fancy breakfast using Addie's strawberries and it was a hit!
 And then of course we spent the day at the ball field... Addie had a great time playing with her friend- and sported a blue mustache...
 what can I say- she's such a great fan- I let her have Gatorade.:) 
 We had the entire family at the ball field to watch Chris have his pitching debut.  He's one of the star players and has come such a long way in the field- he can catch, field, throw, you name it- but let's just say pitching didn't fare so well... He walked every batter until the run limit... It was quite painful to watch- especially when at home he throws strike after strike.  After the game, the other coach asked Chris if it was his first time pitching and then told him he did great.  Luckily, Chris didn't have his spirit dampened at all- he called Brendan and left a message saying, "Daddy- I did awesome! The other team's Coach even said I did great!!!!" Ha!
After the games, we went to visit Pappy- and of course Addie was Pap's darlin'.  He then looked at Chris and said, "Tell me something... Why are your ears so big?" Chris was hilarious- he looked right back at Pappy and sweetly said, "Because I hear really well."

We came home and had half the neighborhood over to play- and I was making Addie and her friend play separate from the boys... Addie was pouting and fussing to be in with the boys and I said, "Addie- Don't be such a party pooper."  Addie's friend quickly said, "Miss Shelley, you just said a potty word."  Oops- I guess I need to not say pooper.:)

The day wrapped up in my most favorite of ways- We went to Chuck and Jackie's for a family cookout.  We got to play with Callan and the kids were tired out and went to bed easy! 

And that my dear friends- was a perfect fun-filled day when Daddy is away hard at work! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day of Sweetness...

Today was one of those days where I just love being a Mommy.  It started with me having to stay at home so the "bug man" could visit... We have a quarterly pest service and today was that day we had a two hour window.  Addie was told to look out for the bug man while I was drying my hair... and she took it upon herself to answer the door and let him in... before getting me.  We had a little talk about how she was never to answer the door, but she informed me that "Bug men don't take little girls, they get rid of the bugs and are nice."  I think I need to have the stranger talk again...

After that, we met some of our besties at Wegemeyer Farms to have a picnic lunch and go strawberry picking.  This was my and Add's first time going and it was so sweet.  Boy, am I going to miss her next year when she goes to Kindergarten.  It was just such a sweet time- and we can't wait to make fresh strawberry jam to go on our homemade pancakes tomorrow morning.  Yep, I kind of sound like Martha Stewart... but don't worry- it's just one meal... we'll be back to frozen Aunt Jemima waffles in no time.:)

After a day of shopping and swim practice, we stopped by Nona and Papa's... Addie loved swinging on the swing...
 And Chris loved pitching to Papa.  We think he's supposed to pitch tomorrow so we practiced a little... 

 Yep, I caved and let him get a flat brim hat. but I won't let him know that... He's still such a little boy even if he thinks he's getting big... In the middle of the store, in the sweetest little baby voice, he said, "Mommy, Can I please get a big boy hat?"... Something so appropriate for a seven year old to say- still baby talk- yet people probably think he's a middle schooler.:) Chris's school is also having hat days on Fridays where if you bring a $1 you can wear a hat- The money is going to help a staff member with cancer- so I suppose his heart is in the right place- and don't you worry- I'll make him wear a sweet little outfit with this ghettolicious/skater hat...:) Oh- and don't mind his stretched out shirt... Chris managed to go to swim team and some how lose his shirt at Claude Moore.  Luckily, I had a shirt in the car because he was refusing to leave the locker room.  It was a scene.  Ha!  Oh, and for once, I didn't have a shirt of Eric's to work out it... This was Todd's. Ha!
After playing in the field and a neighborhood walk, it was easy to bed- a great ending to an even greater day.:) 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to Blogging...

I've been MIA... because quite frankly, I'm tired!!! But sooooo much has gone on that I won't remember, so I want to get back to blogging regularly for the kid's sake... I'm going to try to update some things that we've missed the past month so excuse me if this is out of order...

There are just so many things we've done- playdates galore, hanging out with neighbors, Chris had a date to see the Three Stooges with Nona, Brendan had a date with the kids to see Chimpanzee, we're still park hoppers, and almost every day is spent at the pool or the ball field and eventhough I'm beat at the end of the night- I wouldn't change it for anything!

The kids are growing up way too fast- I can't believe Addie is almost done with preschool and Chris is almost done with first grade!

Chris got his haircut this week and looks even older- and so handsome.:)  He is excelling so much at school and we are just so proud of him.  He's having an awesome baseball season... He's still a challenge at home- but that's my Christopher.:)  We now battle it out over if he is washing his "pits" (under his arms) good enough and we're working on a spitting habit he's picked up- We tried telling him it's only for the baseball field- but now on the field he spits every other second so today we had it out over that!  I just can't believe how much he's matured this year- how he went from a non-reader to having a love for reading, and how much of a great big brother he is. 

Addie Tay is growing up before our very eyes.  The dentist told her she has a loose tooth- and every night Brendan or I have to check it- but we can't figure out what the dentist was talking about because we can't find a loose tooth- but we just go along with it- She is so proud.  Addie has become a nonstop talker- there is never silence with that girl.  She LOVES doing schoolwork and has to do at least three sheets from her Kindergarten book- this is sooo opposite from Topher. She has literally been planning her birthday party for the past two months and is so excited for it- I hope it lives up to her expectations- I mean, she wants me to text Justin Bieber to come! 

Addie has done so much in preschool recently.  She had her first field trip visiting the vet, had a Teddy Bear Picnic, and continues to love staying for Lunch Bunch.  Today she came home from preschool with a purple potholder for me for Mother's Day- which she had already told me by mistake that she made me... She was soooo proud!  She was also so confused...

"Mommy, my teachers told me my birthday is right around the corner, but I kept looking and I couldn't find it."  Ha!  Out of the mouths of babes.:)