Monday, April 26, 2010

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...

T-ball sesaon is in full swing and we're now spending two days a week at the ballfield for games... Chris LOVES it, and Addie has made a friend and looks forward to the games as well!!! Chris plays great... but- so do all of the kids... I think the last game only had one out made during the entire game! Ha!

Addie suckers us into the snack bar every time... but she's a happy girl and cheers for Bubber!:)

Always the comic relief... my son decided to sit on the bat... he pretty much got stuck and entertained the whole crowd with faces.

Daddy is a Coach... and I think he's having just as much fun as Chris- He's in his element.

Chris isn't short on fans... He had a cheering section for his first game... Chuck, Jackie, Butch, Linda, Dean, Alexis, Uncle E, Nona, Papa, Mommy, and Addie were all cheering him on!

Family Visit

Last week, we stayed busy with a visit from Gram. She took care of all of us! Uncle Sean was in town for training, so we were also able to hang out with him a few nights and the kids loved it!!! We frequented the Brambleton Town Center and tried all of the restauraunts! It was nice to take a break and the kids were soooo happy to have another special visit!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crazy Nona

Our Nona sure is crazy- but we love her anyways.:) Don't tell her she made the slog-She just might kill mommy!

Busy Week!

We've had a super busy week and it seems like with all of the kid's activities, we will be on the go from now until they start college. But secretly, I love it because we're on the go and the kids are loving their hobbies/activities!

Chris traveled to the vet this weekend with his preschool- and out of all the things he saw, he talked about dog blood the most. Nice.

Addison continues to take ballet and loves it- and this week we had to place our Avon order- because don't you know that every little girl needs the exact same color of lip gloss for their recital. I'm not kidding- it was a requirement!

I registered Chris for Kindergarten and I'm still in denial. He has also increased speech to twice a week and is with other kid's at his new school Legacy Elementary. He's still swimming twice a week and from here on out we have t-ball games twice a week! Chris also is starting to write- he picks words and copies them- And don't ya know out of all the words in the newspaper today, he picked "KICKASS" to write. My mom swears it was in the movie section- but why did she tell him that word?

And little Miss Addie Tay gets carted to all of these activities. We now stay in Leesburg while Chris has preschool so we have three hours to fill with playdates and activities! We met with "cousins" this week at the park and she loved it- and of course she's had about three park dates with her D.J. this week. Her new thing is she loves playing in the sand- I look like the crazy lady. We take all of our sand toys to the volleyball court at Douglass Community Center and make ourselves at home. It's our own little beach.:) She cracks me up- I was asking her what kind of cake she was making me and she said, "Mommy, I only make delicious cakes."

Addie also earned the family a trip to Cold Stone Creamery this week- She finally pooped on the potty again this week... and we may have made a breathrough this time. We're on day #3 of big girl undies. Woo Hoo! This week, she's also learned to spell her name!

Trip down South...

Last weekend, Brendan and I decided to take a spurt of the moment trip to Smith Mountain Lake... We showed up unexpectedly at Gram and Pop Pop's door and surprised them and we had a great weekend... Mommy and Daddy even got date night out for Mexican and we traveled to Blacksburg to see the Hokies beat #9 Miami! It was great to be back in Blacksburg... Chris got to meet some players and even Bill Roth who was Daddy's bud. The kids made it through all nine innings and mommy got to enjoy a Cowpoke at Macado's! It couldn't have been a better weekend!

Chris with the Tech baseball players

Ashburn's Finest- Ed Wang in the house...

Player autograph session

Out for a walk

Where it all began- the duck pond- our engagement spot

Having fun reading books

Fishing on the dock with Pop Pop... but no luck

Of course we visited one of our all time favorite parks...

Ice cream on the deck

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with our family all day long!

Oops- Mama forgot the Easter baskets- we used bags.:)

Chris was the big winner of Jackie's Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Posing for the Slog.

Awww... Happy All-American family.

Sadie Murphy

It was a perfect day... almost.:)

Tired Papa.

Back at the park before we headed to Nanny's and Pappy's!

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house... and the Easter Bunny cut way back this year. In previous years, it was like Christmas and the kids got tons... We decided we're just setting ourselves up for failure and for spoiled kids, so this year, they each got one thing and some candy in their basket... And guess what- They didn't even notice a difference. In fact, I think they were more excited about what they got! They played with their new things today and then we went to church... and it felt like a much more special Easter.:)

You can tell Addie was woken up by an excited brother at the crack of dawn- look how tired she looks!

I love this picture of B and the kids.:)

The Easter Bunny had put a couple plastic eggs in the kids's baskets. Addie opened one up and said, "Oh man, No stuff." Ha! They were empty, and she was disappointed!

Benadryll to the rescue!

O.k... so we're definitely going to have to get Chris tested for allergies. We know that he has reactions to cats and dogs... and we're going to add horses into the mix. We took the kids to see the the horses in my parent's field... and on the walk home, we noticed Chris was acting funny... and started getting hives! Luckily Brendan ran to the store and got Benadryll and all was well!

I guess Mommy better get better at taking care of the fish because that might be all we ever have as a pet. Mommy forgot to feed the fish this week, and if we're not able to nurse it back to health, we might be buying a new one before the kid's notice.:( Mommy has had a bad week with animals. Chris let Daddy know that, "Mommy hit a bird with the car. The feathers went flying everywhere. But she just shocked it." At least that's what I hope and told the kids.:(