Monday, April 26, 2010

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...

T-ball sesaon is in full swing and we're now spending two days a week at the ballfield for games... Chris LOVES it, and Addie has made a friend and looks forward to the games as well!!! Chris plays great... but- so do all of the kids... I think the last game only had one out made during the entire game! Ha!

Addie suckers us into the snack bar every time... but she's a happy girl and cheers for Bubber!:)

Always the comic relief... my son decided to sit on the bat... he pretty much got stuck and entertained the whole crowd with faces.

Daddy is a Coach... and I think he's having just as much fun as Chris- He's in his element.

Chris isn't short on fans... He had a cheering section for his first game... Chuck, Jackie, Butch, Linda, Dean, Alexis, Uncle E, Nona, Papa, Mommy, and Addie were all cheering him on!