Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Playing with Daddy

With Brendan's job- our family knows how to go with the flow... The kids are so good about knowing that he might not come home, his trips might get lengthened, and we just have to roll with the punches... We've also learned that with all the chaos and long trips, there are times when Daddy is home... and home he was for almost an entire month over Christmas and the beginning of January... The kids had so much fun playing with him- Chris got in lots of baseball time and Addie took up football- She loves playing quarterback and has even mastered some footwork.:)

After School Fun!

I have really good intentions of making it to the gym every day afterschool... but nearly every day, the kids want to play with their friends... and when a little boy runs down to get Chris and they run off to play and Addie has a little girlfriend over, I have a hard time saying no... because my dream of living in a place where my kids just play, play, play and they knock on neighbors doors, and things just feel like home is no longer a dream- it's our life.:) Now, hopefully, one day my dream of working out and becoming skinny again will also come true- Ha! But for now, seeing Chris run from house to house, from ours to his friends, and having a great time, and Addie doing the same is just great!:)

Today, Addie and her friend were painting... and I was in a really good mood because I actually let them get out the "indoor" sandbox that only a grandmother would give at Christmas... During their painting- I looked over and caught them feeding each other their snack of grapes- It was sooo sweet!:)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Central

The past two weekends, we've spent celebrating birthdays of those that we love... and man, does it make life easy for Brendan and I! The kids love going to the parties (and so do we) and it makes these cold, winter days go by easier!

We had so much fun at D.J. and Mya's Skylander party- where their mommy, Rosie, was such an overacheiver--- Ya know, one of those moms that makes the cake, plans eight different game stations where you complete a "passport"- complete with tattoos and professional face painting... The kids LOVED it

Then, this weekend, we went to the Solomon's to celebrate Maddie Grace's first birthday- I can't believe she is already one- it seems like just yesterday I was throwing Ashley's baby shower! She is soooo precious- and of course with our huge family combined with all of their friends and family there were over 80 people in attendance! Everything was gorgeous and it looked like a party that should have been pinned all over pinterest... Addie made a friend and played the entire time and Chris went in between playing with his cousins and talking with the adults because he's entering the stage where he wants to be "older"... but is still a kid at heart.Bless him.:) The only scarey thing was Brendan and I kept looking at each other and thinking this time next year we'll be starting to think about throwing our little girl's first birthday- Times are about to change!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Judy Booty

If you are my "facebook friend"... you know that I often have diarrhea of the mouth and post anything and everything... often times out of boredom- Ha! You would also know that over the past year, my family became huge Nationals fans - And my mom, Judy, is obsessed with Michael Morse... As in she has a huge crush on him... to the point where it's pretty comical... My dad's name is "Mike" and he has even okay'd her to call him Michael in bed- Ha!

After the season ended, I contacted the "Beast" himself asking for an autograph for my Mama... with the hopes that I would for once beat my brother with a better Christmas present...:) He was so nice and said to contact in a month or so once he had gotten settled and after his wedding. After a few more e-mails, one morning we received a package at our door... with an autographed major league baseball to Judy Booty and a pair of #38 wristbands...

Morse went on to say he "wish he had more to give" and that the fans have always been there for him... and that he was happy he could be a part of our holiday. What an awesome dude! Just when you think professional athletes, actors, etc. are all into themselves and Crazy with a capital "c", you realize that there are good people in this world!

My mom was in heavan... and she really even said, "Do you think he knows what I look like?" Ha! She had a permanent smile on her face and was completely giddy- crying tears of joy after a hard year... It was great and I was the favorite for at least a week... until things turned akward and my Dad mentioned wearing the wristbands to bed as he copied Morse's famous warm-up swing... and I was scarred for life. Here's hoping the Nats have some sense and that the Beast is still playing for the Nats... We have plans of holding down left field!

January 2013... Let's do this!

Okay, Okay, I've started the year off as a blog slacker... But 2013 is going to be a huge year for the McCullers fam... and I want to document these memories to come...

I've alreaady missed out on blogging about a New Year's Day get together at Maw's house (in my happy place), birthday parties galore, family movie nights with the popcorn maker (because that makes them 100 times for exciting), the start of baseball, swimming for both kids, Addie continueing gymnastics, a trip to D.C., the arrival of our new cousin Jack, and who knows what else...

This week, Addie and I made this piece of art- using Nanny's old buttons... and we're starting on the baby's nursery this week!

Here's to being better about blogging... and to a great, healthy, and happy 2013!

Smith Mountain Lake

On Christmas Day, we knew the kids would be content with their Ipads, so we hopped in the car and ventured down to Smith Mountain Lake... and stayed for almost a week... When you are around cooking, are able to get a ton of R&R, and just hang out, it's hard to pack up and leave- I hope we didn't overstay our welcome!!!!

We enjoyed a week of life at the lake... celebrating the season, visiting the arcade, going for walks, going to the park, Addie was Gram's helper, watching the Hokies in a horrible bowl game... but GO HOKIES!... and just having a wonderful time.


I love the fact that our kids believe wholeheartedly in Santa... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I have at least a few more years... I don't know who was more excited- The kids, or me, to wake up and see reindeer prints that led up to the reindeer food we left out the night before... Magical.:)

Ho Ho Ho!

Santa was very good to the kids this year... Maybe because Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of them... Sure, they drive us nuts at times, but they really are the light of our lives and we couldn't ask for anything more...

The kids woke up so excited to see what Santa brought... Not only did they get toys, a McKenna American girl doll, a Bryce Harper Jersey, and many other things, but the got their own Ipads too!

Christmas 2012

Christmas came and went and we were soooo busy... Daddy had off almost four weeks and we've just enjoyed time as a family- just the four of us!

We're so blessed with all that we have, and this Christmas was just a reminder of what means most to us- Family...

Since Nanny and Pappy aren't here, we had to find a new place to gather- and this year it was at my parent's house... And since we make the biggest mess ever, we traded in a prime rib, homemade dinner for Christmas Eve at Fuddrucker's... The kids loved it- and there was no clean-up!

We then came back to our place and opened presents and then went to my parents house for all 30 of us to gather and do the family gift card exchange. I had been kind of emotional about everything... because last year we still had Pappy and the loss of Nanny was so new that it didn't seem real... And then something calming happened this year... I realized that eventhough my grandparents aren't here... Things haven't changed and they would be so proud. We're still one, BIG, LOUD family with tons of love in our hearts... and I wouldn't have it any other way... I just wish I had taken more pictures!