Friday, June 17, 2011

School's Out!!!

School's out and it's officially summertime and I can't believe I will have a first grader!!! I will actually miss our kindergarten bus stop- because Lord knows I won't be out at 7:10 in the morning. Thank Goodness we have the closest house to the bus stop so I can kiss and wave good bye to Chris without leaving the comfort of my jammies... But having the closest bus stop also meant throwing an end of the year bus stop party. Actually all the mom's pitched in- and the kids seemed to enjoy our little celebration.:) Capri Sun's, Goldfish, Ice Pops, Fruit Snacks... It was a rockin' good party.:)

Post Swim Team Fun...

This summer we're swimming on the Lakes at Red Rock swim team since our neighborhood doesn't have a swim team. Danielle and the girls also swim there so it's been great- Addie has friends to hang out with during practice and I have a girlfriend to gab with.:)

After swim team, we played at the park... Can you figure out which picture Chris got to choose his own pose in?

Sweet Taylor... she's always along for the ride.:)

Addison and Molly- attached at the hip... And we wonder why everywhere we go everyone calls them twins.:)

Allergies Much?

Before I lose out on mother of the year yet again, let me preface this post by saying that luckily (and Praise God) we have super healthy children... and please Knock on wood right now... They might go to the doctor once or twice a year besides their physical and that is even rare. Chris has always had issues with animals- he'll break out in hives... and I've known that he can be stuffy and have an occaisional cough at night- but it's not a "sick cough." Or so I thought.

I decided that I might as well take him in for allergy testing so that when I fill out school forms and write that he's allergic to cats, dogs, and horses, that it's true and I wasn't just making it up. Well, come to find out, the doctor told me that our poor little Chris suffers from severe allergies. On the day that I took him for the visit- he was not stuffy, coughing, or anything at all... and the doctor let me know that really- he was completely congested. She then told me that since it's been six years, living that way is just Chris's normal and he's never known anything else- He's just learned to live with it. They applied solution to his back and said, "We'll come back in 15-20 minutes to read the skin test." Well, needless to say after about six minutes, he was crying his eyes out and I had to track down the nurse. She came in and read the test right away and said there was no reason to make him wait the entire length of time.... At least now we know, and now we can treat his allergies... He's basically allergic to every tree, grasses, dust mites, cats, horses, and dogs- with dogs being really bad... So don't be offended if we visit you and you have dogs when you see us popping our child a benadryll just in case.:) I assure you we're not trying to drug our child into acting good at your house- He needs it.:)

The row on the far right are "molds" and should be how the other dots look- He wasn't allergic to mold... but as you can see, the others weren't so good! My poor baby!

Fun Bus Fun

Nothing beats a birthday party at the next door neighbor's house where your children have a blast AND get worn out.:) Now, we're all just wondering if the fun bus will come on a Friday or Saturday night while the parents enjoy cocktails in a neighboring driveway.:)

Like Brother, Like Sister

Monkey See...

Monkey Do.:)

Cake Walk

I was a little nervous- because sometimes my kids think they should "win" at everything... but luckily, Chris was a good sport... He did get a cookie afterall.:)

A table full of beautifully decorated cookies as prizes for the old-fashioned cookie walk...

Tons of kids ready to play... and yes, Addie is among the kindergartners...

Until there was one. They always say... save the best for last, right?:)

My Heart and Soul...

I can't tell ya how much I love these two cuties.:)

For You Paigie

Chris would have sooooo made Paigie proud at his class party- He broke out the tricks during the Hula Hoop contest and made sure to shout out to me that I still need to get my hoop. I'm not sure the other mom's got the whole "hooping" hobby... but I can't wait to learn some new moves at the beach Paigie K.:)


I'm waiting for the day that the kids tell me to stop dressing them alike- but for now, they even like it- I'm not ready for them to grow up yet.:) Chris is always so sweet looking out for his little sister. At his class party, he made sure to include Addie in everything.:)

Girl's Club...

Addie LOVES her girlfriends... and they love their ice cream.:) I'm lucky that I have neighbors that love switching off on playdates as much as I do... meaning we all get a little free time.:) The only bad thing is my children have not learned how to "play in the playroom"... After every playdate the house is a wreck from top to bottom- but they're only young once, right?:)

Pool Playdates

Rosie and I have been getting together for pool playdates and the kids have so much fun! Addie and D.J. still say they are going to marry each other and D.J. lovingly refers to Addie as his wife... I guess we'll let this go on for a few more years.:)


We love summer and we love the pool... I don't know why I bother buying summer clothes because we live in a swimsuit and cover-up.:) Addie and Mommy enjoyed many afternoons at the pool together while Chris was at school. She's pretty cute, eh?:)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Heart the Pool!!!

It's officially that time of the year- and I'm sure our hair will be green by the end of the summer. I am the mommy of two fish- and we've been frequenting our neighborhood pool- and today we went to Steve Boyd's pool.:) Cousins Addy and Colie joined us and so did Jack and Mage (but by then the camera was put away because water guns were in full effect.:)

Um- and just so you can really tell how tall Chris is- Addy standing beside Chris is also in Kindergarten. This is how much taller he is than most classmates!!! Yikes!

Memorial Day 2011

Good food, family, friends, weather, warm water, jet-ski's, slides, boat rides- we couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Blessed.:)