Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes...

Facebook Updates:... Yes, I might annoy many with my overload of status updates, but at least I remember things like this:

Chris attempted to trash talk at lunch, "Hey Wesley- Boo P-A-C-K-E-R!". Wesley: "S. Chris how many times do I have to tell you- there's an S at the end!" Lol!

Loves how Addie always is a little off... "Mama look!!! It's snowflaking!!!".

Kill me now- at the mall play area... Reminiscing how my dad said he'd watch Chris here one day while my mom and I shopped... When we came to check on them Chris was missing and my dad had no clue... We found him shopping the girls accessories by himself at Claire's... He was two. Not funny at all then... But at least we can laugh now.....  Note:  Two minutes after this post, the mall security man kicked Chris off the play area because he is too big.  He was crushed and his feelings were really hurt.  So sad.:(

Addie spent the night with my mom and dad and my mom was telling me about her stay... "I went to the bathroom and then a little later I was flossing Addie's teeth and she said, "Nona, did you wash your hands after you pooped!?!" Ha! Luckily her answer was yes... Chris then said, "I'll tell ya what my answer would've been... Sometimes." Lol!

Just had a doctor's appt. and was asked, "Are you planning on having any more children?" I said, "I want one more, but I want to lose some weight before we try again." Addie then chimed in, "Yeah, my mommy wants to wear a bikini at the beach this year!" Ha! Soooo embarassing... but also made me realize she picks up on way more than I thought. No more weighing every morning in front of her, saying the word "fat", or evening talking about the subject of weight. The biggest gift I could ever give her is confidence. I never, ever want her to think she shouldn't wear a bikini no matter how she looks!

Chris just looked at me and said. "You're not really going out with me to the bus are you? That would embarrass me!". I thought he might not have realized that I never walk to the bus stop (we're the house next to it) but then when I stepped on the porch he even banned me from stepping outside! Guess he wasn't digging my zebra pajama bottoms.:)

Addie just covered- and I mean covered herself in lotion. How can I be mad when she thinks she looks so beautiful and says, "how do I look Mama? Soggy?" Ha! Yeah, soggy would be a word for the creamy mess!

Big Night Out... Sycolin Creek Talent Show.:)

Awwww.... Chris's bookmark he made in school today:) Proud Mommy moment... Don't worry- the other side says I love Xbox.:)Addie heard its going to be warm today... We got to school and she claimed she didn't have a coat... But she had hidden it in her bookbag. I wonder if my kids will ever realize I worked in group homes and I can spot a sneak a mile away!:) They've got nothing on me... At age four.:)

"Why did you take your jammies off Addie? You were naked!" "Mommy, I just wanted to sleep like Daddy does in his undies!" Lol!

Took the kids to see Pappy this weekend and to have ice cream sundaes... What a scene!:) Was looking at the picture on my phone... Look how Nanny happened to be I the photo... - Addie, Chris, Jack, and Mage all had ice cream sundaes with Pappy.:_)

I think my Dad has had enough of my and Todd's kids... He just said, "Why don't you guys go outside... Go outside and see how far y'all can walk!" LOL!

Lunch With Brother

Chris invitged us to have lunch with him today, so how could Addie and I resist?  Chris gets to buy lunch one day a week- and Mommy LOVES a school lunch!  I'm so lucky that my kids love each other soooo much!  Even though they have recently started having little tiffs, they just adore each other and literally light up when they see each other.  It's amazing how Chris looks out for his sister.
 Addie LOVED being a "big girl."  She was a little flirt and thought it was hilarious how the kids were making bunny ears behind each other's heads.  Yep, that's still around.

 Oh, where has my little boy gone?  Chris is growing up soooo fast.  And yes, the poses have started... but her refers to them as "D.J." poses... I have group homes on my mind and automatically think they are gang affiliated- so I try not to freak out!:)

Date Weekend 2012

It felt like Christmas all over again for the kids this weekend.  Chris absolutely LOVES the Nick band Big Time Rush- We always listen to them in the car and he knows all the words to every song... So at the last minute, Daddy got Chris and Mommy tickets to their concert on Friday night!  Chris and Mommy went on a date and had so much fun!  Chris was really nervous at first because he didn't think kids were allowed to go to concerts... but as soon as he saw all the kids, he chilled out.  Our seats were amazing- and Chris thinks Carlos waved to him. :)  Unfortuneatly, I only have pictures on my phone... Ugh!

On Sunday, Daddy said it was only fair that Addie got a special date, too.  Daddy planned a special Daddy/daughter day and really- and I do mean really spoiled his princess.  He was able to get reservations for lunch at the American Girl Store and then they had ice cream at Sweet Frog.  I couldn't believe it when Addie walked in the door- Daddy told her she could pick out "one thing and one thing only" at the AG store... She just happened to pick out Kit's bed- and Daddy got it for her!  When Addie is super excited, she talks in a "baby" voice- and let's just say she was super excited the rest of the night and full of giggles! 

Kids in the City

We ventured down to Todd and Sarah's for the day and explored the city as one big happy family.:)  We toured different areas, saw the Occupy protest, enjoyed a pretzel from a street truck, visited the National Aquarium, and toured the Museum of Natural History.  The kids had an absolute blast... and we ended the night with a pizza party at Todd and Sarah's- this was Mage's idea.  It was a gorgeous day and fab weekend...

My sweet Eleni

Learning the city ways- Riding the Metro

 Looking at her brother... and copying as always!

 Oh, Christopher!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Are these not the sweetest Valentine's ever?  They sure made my day great... Addie and I enjoyed hanging out in Chris's class and as usual Chris was so sweet to his little sister... We then had a hot date for Chinese because Mommy was not going to cook on this holiday!  Let's just say it wasn't the most romantic night in the world, but full of love.:)

 Brenda and I did enjoy a grown-up night out the week before Valentine's.  For the first time, we paid a sitter outside of our family- We actually got a girl from our church- that I used to babysit when I was a teen to come watch the kids!  Talk about feeling old!  It was such a fun night- We went to Ford's fish shack with The Shellor's and then went to the Tori Nelson fight at the Patriot Center- and Tori won!  My whole family was there and it was nice to have a kid-free night with my hubby!!!


 The thing that means the absolute most to me is family.... It is everything.  It's been a tough couple of months without my Nanny.  I'll randomly cry, and the strangest things make me think of her.  I just can't tell you how much she meant to me.  Addie and I have spent a lot of time visiting Pappy... and with his Alzheimer's he has always called me Judy.  My heart completely melted the other day when he called Addie "Shelley."  It made me realize that I do exist.  Although it's been hard having Pappy in a home, I really think he is settled, likes it, and is doing well... and I think it's been so good for my kids.  They have made friends with some of the residents and "get" what it means to "do unto others."  Our family even met one night at the home for a family jam night- My Great Uncle played keyboards, my cousin sang, and there were tons of us there- It may sound silly, but we ALL had such a great time.

I think the biggest lesson I've learned through all of this is to never take anything for granted.  My entire life, Nanny and Pappy made sure our family went to the beach for a week.  It's always been my favorite week of the year and I can't imagine not going- or my kids not growing up with the love I was surrounded with.  Chuck and Jackie are helping a ton by making it possible... and Jackie held a "Beach or Bust" party.  It was completely beach themed, had a mission statement, and everything...  We all agreed that Nanny and Pappy would want us to continue to go, LONG LIVE!  We have booked a house and the Solomons will be joining us!!!  We have to walk a block... but that doesn't even matter! 

I can't wait for July... to enjoy everything that the Beach brings... Gotta love the picture below- we had to write what the beach means to us... Umm, who wrote Boobs?!?

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow!  How did an entire month go by without me blogging?  We've been extremely busy this month- just with day in and day out life!  Daddy had almost two months off of work because things were slow, but this past month he has been slammed and traveling a ton... which mean Mommy is beat once the kids are asleep and the bed calls Mommy's name too instead of blogging! 

Three days a week, we still make the trek down to Claude Moore for Snow Swimming... and Addie started private swim lessons.  She'll turn five three days before swim team starts so she will be able to swim this year- I'm sure she'll be the youngest on the team, but this girl want sto be a "Red Rocket like Molly" soooo bad!  She's well on her way!  Addie was also invited to join the by invitation only "Little Gems" program at Apex.  She'll start this summer- It's kind of like a developmental team- or a money maker for the our gymnastics school- Ha... the jury is still out.  Regardless, she loves it and we are so proud of her! 

We had a rough month.   Knock on wood, our kids are pretty healthy.  Besides allergies with Chris- we usually make it through the year with one or two doctor's visits- if that... But just as soon as I said, "Chris and Add never get sick," we were hit... This month on top of everything, Addie had a night where she started crying so hard and after a night at urgent care, we found out she had a double ear infection.  Two days later, Chris had a horrible cough and after a million doctor's visits we have determined that we think he has asthma... But after playing with different meds, I think we're on the right track because he seems to be doing great now... And he thinks he's hot stuff using a Neti pot.  Ha!

 Chris had a swim meet this month and he did awesome- This boy works so hard- He can now easily swim a mile during practice!  He also had tryouts for baseball- and after an awesome showing where he hit 3 of the 5 pitches to the back wall and stunned everyone with his age- he was picked in the draft to play up!  He'll be playing actual kid pitch ball and is bypassing pitching machine... Now, if we can just get the boy to catch the ball- Ha!  This year, it looks like we'll be cheering for the River Bandits!:)