Monday, March 5, 2012

Date Weekend 2012

It felt like Christmas all over again for the kids this weekend.  Chris absolutely LOVES the Nick band Big Time Rush- We always listen to them in the car and he knows all the words to every song... So at the last minute, Daddy got Chris and Mommy tickets to their concert on Friday night!  Chris and Mommy went on a date and had so much fun!  Chris was really nervous at first because he didn't think kids were allowed to go to concerts... but as soon as he saw all the kids, he chilled out.  Our seats were amazing- and Chris thinks Carlos waved to him. :)  Unfortuneatly, I only have pictures on my phone... Ugh!

On Sunday, Daddy said it was only fair that Addie got a special date, too.  Daddy planned a special Daddy/daughter day and really- and I do mean really spoiled his princess.  He was able to get reservations for lunch at the American Girl Store and then they had ice cream at Sweet Frog.  I couldn't believe it when Addie walked in the door- Daddy told her she could pick out "one thing and one thing only" at the AG store... She just happened to pick out Kit's bed- and Daddy got it for her!  When Addie is super excited, she talks in a "baby" voice- and let's just say she was super excited the rest of the night and full of giggles!