Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Celebrate!!!

Chris had a program today at school singing songs:) He did a great job and then he got to trick-or-treat around downtown Leesburg with his class! He wore his Cowboys get-up to school because there was a no mask or weapon rule and without those, his clonetrooper costume was pretty boring!

After school, we had his last birthday celebration! Chris, Addie, and two friends got to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for an evening out. They were all actually really good but I didn't take my camera because keeping up with four kids was enough:) Chris won the jackpot on a game and he had over 300 tickets at the end of the night! He always wants cotton candy and we won't get it for him... but 150 bought him his very own blue cotton candy. He had 150 tickets he could have spent on a bunch of cheap toys, but he looked at the lady and said, "Can I get a pink cotton candy for Addie." How sweet is that!?!... And, No, Brendan~ I didn't let them eat all of it!:)

On the way to Chuck-E-Cheese, Chris's friend started telling us he's been learning "oldies" in music class. He started with "Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath." He then sang, "And she'll have fun, fun, fun until her Daddy takes her t-bird away." That was fine and dandy. Then he started singing, "Lean on Me, Thriller, and "I believe I can fly." Oldies... what? Those were my songs. I said, they're not oldies... and he said yeah they are... you listen to stuff from the 80'sand 90's?!" I was depressed... I guess that is like when I was in grade school and listened to music from the 60's and 70's and thought it was "old." Where has the time gone?

October 28, 2009

We couldn't not celebrate on his actual birthday!!! Chris got to go to Lunch Bunch at preschool and see a magic show, and then we spent the afternoon at our favorite hangout- the pumpkin patch. I really think the workers know us because we go so much! Two of our friends joined us, and the kids ran around for three hours straight! They were filthy when it was time to leave, but we had a great day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOPHER!!!

Our Special Little Boy

I can't believe we officially have a five year old. That just seems so old, like a kid, not a baby anymore:( We had a family night the day before his birthday since Brendan was leaving. It was such a special night:) Brendan and I have had a "no gun" rule for a few months... but we decided to let him get the clonetrooper gun he's been wanting forever... along with the talking helmet. It really made me sad when I saw the box and it said for ages 5+...

After dinner, I made all of us sit in a circle, and then I said we had to go around the circle and tell what we liked most about Chris. Brendan said a bunch of things. Addie said, "I like hugging him and kissing him," in the cutest little girl voice. I started crying and listed a bunch of things... When we were done, Chris goes, "Hold on!" He ran over to me and started whispering in my ear, "I'm good at winning medals. I have a trophy..." and went on and on about good things about himself- It was hilarious:) Afterwards, he proudly said, "That was nice." HA!

Chris was also super excited when he got a Darth Vader card and gift from Aunt Paula~ it fit right with our theme:)

Tomboy or Flirt?

Addison lives her life playing and hanging out with her older brother... which may get her into trouble when she's older. She's definatly got the girlie side going on- she's become quite obsessed with princesses, ballet, and Dora:) However, she totally relates to boys... and I really think she knows she gets me when she talks about them! Every day when we go to the gym, she'll say, "I'm going to play with the boys!" I tease her, and when we leave the gym, she says, "Mommy, I play with boioys..." like she's taunting me. Today, when one of Chris's friends went on an outing with us, he sat in the car by her. Addie has a crush on him~ and it was hilarious- her face lit up when he sat beside her~ she totally turned the flirt on~ I had to get a picture:) Like her mama, she was "showing teeth"!

The other day, it was rainy and we spent the entire day playing inside... Addie's new thing is she loves playing hide-n-seek...
Addie~ Let's play hide-n-seek.
Mommy~ O.k., Addie, go hide! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Chris- go find sister!
Chris~ (He was building legos in the family room and didn't move or look at all.) Duh, Mom. She's under the kitchen table~ she hides there every time."
Addie~ Crawling out from under the kitchen table, "Here I am!"

Clear Eyes, Full Hears, Can't Lose

Oh... how I love me some Friday Night Lights. There has not been an episode yet that I haven't bawled my eyes out while watching it! Luckily for Mike and Judy, it comes on early only on Direct TV... and since they have Direct TV, they get to have the kids and I over to watch it every week. We enjoyed lunch at Nana's and watched the season premiere today- and it left me counting down for next week:)

Before kids, I was never a big T.V. watcher. But now, I love my shows! DVR is the best invention in the world and there's nothing I like better than when the kids are down at night and I can sit back and watch my shows in peace! What shows do you guys watch~ What am I missing out on? Here are my faves...

Beverly Hills 90210~ It's great... and Brendan has gotten hooked on it with me. If he says he doesn't like it, he's totally lying. He truly loves it!

Chopped~ It's like Survivor on the Food Network and I love it!

Toddlers and Tiaras~ I would never, ever put Addie in a pagent, but this is still my guilty pleasure!

Friday Night Lights~ The best show ever. Period.

CougarTown~ I have to admit I love Courtney Cox's new show. It's corny, fast moving, stupid at times, but I love it. And I have to say that the blonde friend that is a little white trashy reminds me of myself at times.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight~ I still watch~ although it's gotten a little boring lately.

Grey's Anatomy~ Such a good show. I cry at almost every episode and I sometimes feel like I care way too much about this show.

American Idol and The Bachelor~ Can't wait until the next season:)

These are my main shows... but you can also catch me watching Kendra, Girls Next Door, Keeping up with the Kardashians, that new Lamos show, and True Life. So sue me~ I like trash t.v. Throw in a little HGTV~ Househunters and Designed to Sell and I'm a happy woman.

O.K., O.K... it sounds like I watch t.v. way too much... But my hubby is away a lot and I have to unwind and fall asleep somehow:)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The birthday week has begun

This year, Brendan and I decided to celebrate Chris's birthday kind of low-key. Last year, he had a huge birthday party at Pump-It-Up and we know once he starts school next year he will want birthday parties with his friends, so this year, we are just doing "special days" with him until Wednesday:) Last night we had dinner at Fuddrucker's and we promised him we could play the video games- big mistake- each game was $1 a pop. Oh well, he loved it. Today, we went to Nana and Papa's house for cake with Nana, Papa, Todd, Sarah, Mage, Jack, Uncle E., and our family. Yesterday we searched Giant and Harris Teater for a Star Wars cake, but they don't have them... so Chris had a great idea to make our own. He picked out this fabulous cake from Costco and added his own Star Wars figures. It was just beautiful! HA!

Don't you wonder what he wished for?
After cake, Brendan and I took just Chris ice-skating. He's been wanting to go forever... and let's just say we could have waited a few years. Chris has always been really good at whatever he tries... but not today! He could not skate, stand, balance, or even hang onto the wall without falling. It took both Brendan and I to hold him up and help him around the rink. I'm sure we looked like the three stooges. At least we all got a good laugh out of it!

Just because...

Fall Fun...

The kids had a blast at Nana and Papa's playing in the leaves:)

Papa is somewhere in that pile- Mage and Chris were burying him!

Yuck and Yay!!!

No, I still don't support Chris's obsession with the Cowboys... but this outfit that arrived in the mail from Gram and Pop Pop made Chris sooo happy that I had to be happy for him:)

And let's just say we've come a long way at flag football... Chris continues to do great... and I was soooo proud of him this week. After every game they pick one kid from the game to get the "sportsmanship" award... and Chris got it this week! That's such an improvement from threatening the other players lives... When I asked Chris why he got it, he said, "Because whenever I got the kid's flag, I gave it back to him instead of throwing it." Aww, he gets it:)

Finally feeling beddar...

After being sick for what felt like decades, my kiddies are finally feeling beddar... Chris says "better" like cheddar- and I think it is the cutest thing ever. He's really been improving on his speech lately!!! He has almost mastered his "s" sound and we're sooo proud of all of his hard work:)

Both kids got the flu shot/mist today... so hopefully we're going to stay well this winter- being sick was awful:(... But look who's back to herself... how can you not love a little girl in knee socks:)

We stayed super busy this week... and I've been really bad about blogging everything... I promise to be better this week. And I'd like to give a shout out to Rebecca- J.D. informed me that she's probably my only loyal blog reader... I love you Bak-Bak, Butt-Butt, the love of J.D.'s life:) and thanks for reading:)!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A day at the airport with Daddy

Brendan had a layover today at Dulles airport so the kids and I decided to visit him... and enjoy a lunch out with him:) As Chris said, "That was so much fun!" The kids love seeing Daddy's plane...

We stuck them in the cargo bay:)They are our precious cargo:)

Daddy busy in his cockpit

Captain Chris and Addie

The execs get personal t.v.'s...

and are treated really nice:)

Daddy with his first class munchkins

B's plane

B's plane... oh- and he knew I was posting this on my blog so he wanted everyone to know that this is the "crappy" plane he flies... The nice one is the Citation X:)

Any Advice???

As parents, we all battle issues, temperments, and problems... but I'm really at a loss with the one. While I'm driving, Addie takes her socks and shoes off and loves to... get this... bite her toenails. It makes it easy because I never have to cut them... but can we just say gross!!?! Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy

I can't believe my cousin Lauren is a married woman:) She had the most beautiful wedding this weekend, and I was so honored that both of my children were a part of it:) I love you Lauren and Kevin!!! Addison was the flower girl- and despite being sick walked down an aisle in front of 200 people all by herself~ I was so proud. She was the cutest thing ever until she puked all over herself and her dress... and needless to say, Brendan took her home before the reception started:( Chris also had a special job- I'm horrible because I don't have any pictures- I didn't know if they wanted flash photography and I don't know how to turn my flash off... so when I get some from Eddie, I will post them... Chris and cousin Mage stole the show as bell ringers. They walked down the aisle before the wedding party started ringing monogrammed bells and yelled, "They're coming, They're coming." They did such a great job and it really was adorable! Lauren was an absolutely stunning bride and the wedding had so many special touches that truly made it a night to remember. I cried my eyes out, Chuck wrote Lauren a special song that they danced to, the food was soooo good, and eventhough the weather didn't cooperate, the wedding was breathtaking... Please check out this website... It's the florist's blog and she details some of the special touches from the wedding... you'll see what I mean by breathtaking... completely elegant:)

And with further ado... Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy... oh- and poo on them... They are basking in the sun at St. Lucia right now!

Where have I been???

We had a super busy week... Addie came down with the swine flu on Sunday and had it all week. Actually, she tested negative for the flu just like Chris... but then the pediatrician told me that there is a 70% false negative with the swine flu... so I'm just convinced that they had it! Addie ran a fever of 103 for seven straight days:( Poor thing:(... We were also preparing for the wedding of the century:) Speaking of prepping, Addie had her first "beauty shop" appointment... She's always gotten her haircut at the Hair Cuttery, but thanks to Aunt Jackie, she was treated to a day at the spa at Hair Port:) Bless her heart, she could hardly keep her eyes open because she was so sick... but she LOVED the attention and getting pampered... I hope we didn't start a habit:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tech Tailgating 2009!

Despite a forecast of rain and showers all day, we made the trip to beautiful Blacksburg... and it ended up being just that- Beautiful:) It sprinkled just enough for me to break out a hat and then was dry and clear the rest of the day! Addie attended her first Tech football game and she was quite the cheerleader:) Pop Pop came along in Chris's place and he picked a great game- Tech dominated! It was such a fun day... We tailgated with our friends, the Shetler family, at the German Club, got to see Dean Alex, and just had a great day. Whenever I go back, I always get sentimental. Brendan and I are so proud to be Tech Alumni... We had such a great time at college and are proud to cheer on our school:)

Swine Flu...

Poor Christopher. We had an awesome weekend planned... we road tripped to the lake and then had plans of taking both of the kids to the Virginia Tech football game... but Friday, Chris suddenly got sick:( We had received an e-mail on Thursday that a kid from his class was sent home and had tested positive for the swine flu. While we had the kids at a park (surprise, surprise) Chris started coughing pretty bad and then got a fever. Brendan and I took him to the Urgent Care at the lake and luckily, he tested negative for the flu. The doctor did say the test isn't that reliable, so he has Chris taking Tammiflu and an antibiotic... When we got back from the doctor, the puking began:(

Gram was sweet enough to take care of my little man on Saturday, and she even got him feeling well enough to cheer on the Hokies... He's still under the weather, but hopefully will be back to himself tomorrow... Keep your fingers crossed!