Monday, October 5, 2009

Just an ordinary weekend...

For the first time in a loooonnnng time, we actually stayed at home and didn't do much this weekend... and it was kind of nice! We didn't have any plans, and I actually worked one night, so Brendan took Chris to his flag football game while I slept to recover from an overnight! Wouldn't ya know, Chris ran the length of the field and scored a touchdown! and I missed it! We had a lot of family time, watched some football--- Can we just say GO HOKIES... and Redskins! Brendan learned a valuable lesson this weekend- you really have to watch what you say around your kids... Chris was watching the Dallas game, and just like his Daddy said, "Man that was one hell of a pass!" Yeah, not so good! We rounded out the weekend with hanging out with Aunt Ra-Ra and Uncle Dave and having "polka-dot" aka pepperoni pizza- as Mage calls it, visiting Nanny and Pappy, and making a trip to the mall. The kids had fun playing at the play area... but we literally walked away with nothing and came home to order things online after the kids were in bed!

I love old pictures:)