Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Special Little Boy

I can't believe we officially have a five year old. That just seems so old, like a kid, not a baby anymore:( We had a family night the day before his birthday since Brendan was leaving. It was such a special night:) Brendan and I have had a "no gun" rule for a few months... but we decided to let him get the clonetrooper gun he's been wanting forever... along with the talking helmet. It really made me sad when I saw the box and it said for ages 5+...

After dinner, I made all of us sit in a circle, and then I said we had to go around the circle and tell what we liked most about Chris. Brendan said a bunch of things. Addie said, "I like hugging him and kissing him," in the cutest little girl voice. I started crying and listed a bunch of things... When we were done, Chris goes, "Hold on!" He ran over to me and started whispering in my ear, "I'm good at winning medals. I have a trophy..." and went on and on about good things about himself- It was hilarious:) Afterwards, he proudly said, "That was nice." HA!

Chris was also super excited when he got a Darth Vader card and gift from Aunt Paula~ it fit right with our theme:)