Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr. Handsome

I can't believe this little boy is going to be five in just a couple of weeks... He's growing up too fast. We went to IHOP for dinner the other night b/c I heard that "kids eat free" and Brendan had been gone for days, so I wasn't in the mood to fix dinner... Needless to say when I got my bill I was shocked- the "kids eat free" ended on Sunday so thirty dollars later, we were all fed. The kids had been out shopping with me and it was a late dinner... Let's just say they were definatly testing my patience. On the way home, I had a stern mommy voice and was telling them how upset I was that they couldn't behave and use manners in public. Chris had to lighten the mood as always and say, "But mommy, we were good, and we weren't in public, we were at Ihop."