Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eight Hour Playdate

Aunt Ra-Ra and I are famous for getting together for a playdate, and then realizing we missed naptime, deciding our hubbys are both going to be home late from work, and then just keeping the kids up until bedtime... Today we did just that. It's actually really nice because we have adult company and we sort of tag team it througout the day.

Today, we started out with a 2 hour playdate with my friend Rosie and her two kids. Hey, when you have four, why not add two more... The more the merrier:)

Then I had a brilliant idea to let the kids paint. Aunt Ra-Ra even made stamps out of apples for the kids:)
Sweet Addie-Tay- always a smile:)

Jack had the best painting out of everyone... and he even managed to turn himself into a masterpiece.

Mage, the artist. Mage LOVED painting, and after it dried- we noticed he had painted a perfect dinosaur!

Chris, oh Chris... How I do love this boy:) He's on his second page... Because he of course decided to cover both hands completely in paint for his first picture... It was quite the mess... but things wouldn't have been the same without him:)

After a trip to the park, playing in the back yard, one big round of baths, we finished the night off with a pancake dinner:) Wa La, it was a great day!