Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner Dates

Old pictures... because I've been bad about taking recent ones!

We've started a new thing- family dinners... We've also had a few friends over lately...

Last week we had the Todd, Sarah, the boys, Mom, Dad, Eric and Janet over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. It was great. This Friday, we had Marcia, Melvin, Jason, and Katlyn (our old neighbors) over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. Today, Todd and Sarah, had the whole clan over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. I see a pattern here. We HEART Costco. Ha! All of the dinners were so much fun- and it's so nice to be at the stage where we get adult time and the kids just play!

Sometimes, though, we hear funny things... like this week when we listened in and heard Chris say, "Hey guys, let's pretend like we're good kids and clean up a little," "Immediately followed by Mage saying, "But we're playing, I like playing Let's try to hurt Chris."

And this was taken from my friend, Sara's blog... too funny:
The quote of the night from the kids came from Chris McCullers. Here is the story. Alex Jones came up crying and Chris was right behind him. The look on Shelley's face is always priceless when Chris is involved. Chris was so sweet and told us that he had thrown something and it had hit Alex. When we asked Chris what he threw - he said "Blake". That is not the answer we expected so I went downstairs to ask Blake for his version. Not that I was shocked by the fact that Blake was a part of the whole situation. So I asked Blake what happened and I didn't want to lead him on by telling him what I knew. Blake told me the same story but when I asked him what Chris has thrown that made Alex cry; he said "Me" as if it was no big deal.

Shelley and I did our parenting responsibilites when one kid throws another (although I don't think that was ever in the handbook) and they had to sit out for a few minutes as we explained to them that we should not throw our friends into other friends. Shelley and I were laughing (of course the kids don't know that) because no one got hurt and they were so cute and honest with what they had done. No harm no foul!

Fun times... and never a dull moment!


Da Girls...

Addie isn't being shortchanged activities- She LOVES her playdates!!! Danielle and I take turns swapping the girls and it works out great! This week we took all five kids for smoothies and we were so loud, I can't believe we didn't get kicked out of the store! Oh- and Chris has a little crush on Caroline- it's cute.:)

The girls LOVE playing dress-up...

The second little Taylor comes into my house she darts upstairs and has to wear the Snow White dress- every time. And then she also has to wear her "sparkle shoes." She's so precious!

And then there is Molly and Addie. Oh my. They love the new dress-up kit Addie got for Christmas... And this is a little tame without the pink, green, and blue wigs. I keep telling them they are rockstars... but Brendan asked me if I was training them to be strippers. Out of no where, they did start saying that they are, "Sexy", but I told them that that was potty talk and not allowed.... Are we going to have our hands full, or what?

Yellow Belt!!!

Woo Hoo! Chris had an awesome week- He was awarded Snow Swimmer of the Month and started a new afterschool activity- Fabulous Crafts. He was so excited to bring home his sock puppet that he turned into a Rockstar- just like the boys from Big Time Rush... Ha! He also got his Yellow belt! We were so proud of him. He really takes Tae Kwon Do seriously- He practices his forms, Korean, and kicks all the time at home- He just loves it!

I thought it was so cute- he looked back at me when he got his yellow belt- He was so proud.:)

He also got awarded a trophy for best form during testing!

Uncle E, Nona, and Papa also came to watch the fun.:)

Chris was so funny... The Master's made Korean Bar-B-Que for the students and we celebrated with a potluck dinner. Chris can't wait to get his next belt... because he wants more beef! LOL!

Mage got another new belt, too!!!

Jack got a green belt!

And we can't forget our little Karate Princess... Attention. I'm pretty sure she could have her yellow belt, too- She can count in Korean and even do the kicking sequence better than half of the kids in Chris's class!

Four Eyes

Thanks Nona... Addie loves wearing Nona and Papa's reading glasses and saying she's "Judy Pearson" or "Mike Pearson", so my mom gave Addie her own pair without the lenses. This is her new look... I've even had to take her to Chris's swim lessons with her wearing them without a care in the world... Oh, Add...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addison Taylor

Our little girl is growing up way too fast, too... She wasn't able to go rock climbing because you had to be six... but I wouldn't have let her anyway. We were swimming with our besties at Claude Moore when Addie said she had to go potty- When we went, she had the most explosive diarhea I've ever seen- I thought we were going to be going to the ER or something. So needless to say, our swimming trip didn't last long. But, please, clap your hands- She is now fully potty-trained and this should be the last week of wearing a nighttime diaper because I can't remember the last time she woke up wet- Woo Hoo- we will officially be a diaper free household!

Addie started swim lessons at Ida Lee in the next class up last week and is loving it. She had a rough two weeks where she was actually whiney and being a crybaby. I can say this because usually she is so sweet. I was thinking the terrible 3's were hitting us, but luckily now that we're back in our routine she's back to being my sweet angel. (For now anyways.:)) She loves "Girl's Club" as we call it where she gets together with the girls on our street for an activity and the mom's take turns hosting. Every day, she must tell me a hundred times that we're best friends... will someone please her that during her teenage years.:)

Now, for a sad story. Addie LOVES cutting things. Anything and everything. She will sit and cut blank paper for hours and be just as happy as can be. She also cuts hair- She has a few strands missing on the side of her where you can tell it was definitly cut- Although she will tell you that her friend Molly McGorry did it. And most recently, she cut the tag off of "Piggy." I cried so hard when I saw it cut off. This is the animal I would always put in her crib when she was a baby... And she could have cared less that it was there but she would fall asleep rubbing and playing with the tag... that is now gone. For some reason, this got me.:( But on a good note, we welcomed two pillow pets into our family that the kids love this Christmas- Continuing with our creative names- Ya know, Monkey is Monkey, Bear is Beary, Piglet is Piggy, our blue fish is Bluey... We now have a puppy pillow pet named "Puppy" and a pink pig pillow pet named "Piggy". I even told the kids they could name them anything!:)

Sweet Chris...

Chris has always been in love with his cousin Hank- so when he saw the rock wall open at Claude Moore, he was so excited to try it... over, and over, and over again! Chris is so sweet, but it cracks me up with how he's starting to really grow up. He comes home from the bus and there is always drama or a story from school... like you know- when clear germ gel was spilled on his library book, it was the end of the world! Ha! He is Mr. Social and always inviting kids back to our house! He's learning to read, will be testing for his yellow belt in Karate, and continues to swim. He's in LOVE with the boy band Big Time Rush and has to listen to the c.d. every time we're in the car. Ha! Both kids love the movie Ramona and Beezus and we've gotten it from Redbox so many days that I should just buy it... and when I wrote on his snack note, "Chris, you are my Ramona- You are extraordinary", I got yelled at. Apparently, I hurt his feelings and kids made fun of him because I called him a girls name. Oops. I did feel horrible! He's starting to be way too smart- Like when he intentionally "hid" the Redbox movie so we couldn't take it back!

Gaylord Ice Exhibit!

As part of our Christmas present this year, Nona and Papa treated all of us to a visit to the Gaylord Hotel Ice Exhibit! After a nice dinner out where all of the kids behaved, we took two cars over to the National Harbor. Our car looked like this:

Hmmmmm... I think Todd and Sarah got a good deal by taking Nona and Papa in their car!

How sweet is this- Chris and Mage holding hands in line- melts my heart.:)

We HAD to take a ride on the train!

This is how Jack and Addie were in the line the whole time- hugging each other and falling down, hugging each other and falling down...hugging each other and falling down- so innocent.:)

We all did the big slide made out of ice!

LOVED that it ended with a nativity scene made out of ice...:) Chris was so proud he memorized, "You will have a son, and you will name him Jesus," this year and announced it.:)

And of course Chris saw the ice skating rink and HAD to ice skate.... It took about 30 minutes and he never let go of the wall, but he made it around all by himself... with only about 15 falls. And of course Addie had to imitate brother.:)

Let's Go Hokies

Brendan and I have already done a fabulous job of brainwashing our children that Tech is the only school out there and that they are #1.:) Both kids donned their Hokie best for school... I missed Chris's picture- but he got to stay up and watch the National Championship with Mommy and Daddy and thought it was so big! Addie passed out before we started watching it... but she looked quite cute if I do say so myself.:)

End of story. We won't talk about the game.:(

Chritmas at the Lake!

After a full lazy day of playing with our new toys at home, and despite the threat of a snowstorm, we made our way down to Smith Mountain Lake for a wonderful holiday! The kids loved hanging out with Pop Pop and Gram, we tried a new Mexican place, and even relaxed by the snowy firepit! And... I wonder why we all gained five pounds...???

Merry Christmas!!!

On Christmas Eve, the kids left cookies out for Santa and decided to sleep together.:) They are still so close and actually love to do everything together... I wonder how long it will stay this way! They woke up and were surprised by everything Santa had brought. It's so cute at this age because they truly believe.:)

Christmas Eve

Of course we spent Christmas Eve exactly how I've spent it for 32 years of my life (minus that horrible year in Massachuesetts!)... at Nanny and Pappy's! And it was just as wonderful as ever.:) I heart our family!

And just like all other 33 years... No one was a big winner on the lotto tickets. Rats!