Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addison Taylor

Our little girl is growing up way too fast, too... She wasn't able to go rock climbing because you had to be six... but I wouldn't have let her anyway. We were swimming with our besties at Claude Moore when Addie said she had to go potty- When we went, she had the most explosive diarhea I've ever seen- I thought we were going to be going to the ER or something. So needless to say, our swimming trip didn't last long. But, please, clap your hands- She is now fully potty-trained and this should be the last week of wearing a nighttime diaper because I can't remember the last time she woke up wet- Woo Hoo- we will officially be a diaper free household!

Addie started swim lessons at Ida Lee in the next class up last week and is loving it. She had a rough two weeks where she was actually whiney and being a crybaby. I can say this because usually she is so sweet. I was thinking the terrible 3's were hitting us, but luckily now that we're back in our routine she's back to being my sweet angel. (For now anyways.:)) She loves "Girl's Club" as we call it where she gets together with the girls on our street for an activity and the mom's take turns hosting. Every day, she must tell me a hundred times that we're best friends... will someone please her that during her teenage years.:)

Now, for a sad story. Addie LOVES cutting things. Anything and everything. She will sit and cut blank paper for hours and be just as happy as can be. She also cuts hair- She has a few strands missing on the side of her where you can tell it was definitly cut- Although she will tell you that her friend Molly McGorry did it. And most recently, she cut the tag off of "Piggy." I cried so hard when I saw it cut off. This is the animal I would always put in her crib when she was a baby... And she could have cared less that it was there but she would fall asleep rubbing and playing with the tag... that is now gone. For some reason, this got me.:( But on a good note, we welcomed two pillow pets into our family that the kids love this Christmas- Continuing with our creative names- Ya know, Monkey is Monkey, Bear is Beary, Piglet is Piggy, our blue fish is Bluey... We now have a puppy pillow pet named "Puppy" and a pink pig pillow pet named "Piggy". I even told the kids they could name them anything!:)