Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner Dates

Old pictures... because I've been bad about taking recent ones!

We've started a new thing- family dinners... We've also had a few friends over lately...

Last week we had the Todd, Sarah, the boys, Mom, Dad, Eric and Janet over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. It was great. This Friday, we had Marcia, Melvin, Jason, and Katlyn (our old neighbors) over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. Today, Todd and Sarah, had the whole clan over for lasagna, bread, and a salad. I see a pattern here. We HEART Costco. Ha! All of the dinners were so much fun- and it's so nice to be at the stage where we get adult time and the kids just play!

Sometimes, though, we hear funny things... like this week when we listened in and heard Chris say, "Hey guys, let's pretend like we're good kids and clean up a little," "Immediately followed by Mage saying, "But we're playing, I like playing Let's try to hurt Chris."

And this was taken from my friend, Sara's blog... too funny:
The quote of the night from the kids came from Chris McCullers. Here is the story. Alex Jones came up crying and Chris was right behind him. The look on Shelley's face is always priceless when Chris is involved. Chris was so sweet and told us that he had thrown something and it had hit Alex. When we asked Chris what he threw - he said "Blake". That is not the answer we expected so I went downstairs to ask Blake for his version. Not that I was shocked by the fact that Blake was a part of the whole situation. So I asked Blake what happened and I didn't want to lead him on by telling him what I knew. Blake told me the same story but when I asked him what Chris has thrown that made Alex cry; he said "Me" as if it was no big deal.

Shelley and I did our parenting responsibilites when one kid throws another (although I don't think that was ever in the handbook) and they had to sit out for a few minutes as we explained to them that we should not throw our friends into other friends. Shelley and I were laughing (of course the kids don't know that) because no one got hurt and they were so cute and honest with what they had done. No harm no foul!

Fun times... and never a dull moment!