Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sundays in our household probably seem CRAZY!  We usually start the morning off with breakfast and lounging around... or in our kid's world- playing... Poor Addie- She's always playing "boy games" with her brother- And yes, she's perfected using a baton as a gun to fight off the bad guys- Ha!  And then, things get crazy... On mornings of home games, we plan on going to church... but ya see, we've entered the world of travel baseball...
Chris has joined the Fielder's Choice Purcellville team and we are all loving it- Might sound crazy, but we are!  We have double headers on Sundays- and it takes up most of the day- we break for a potluck lunch in between games, and then the boys are back at it.  Addie is in heaven running wild- or just chilling under a canopy that parent's set up playing bendaroos, video games, etc.  There are several younger siblings and they've all hit it off- which makes things great because Brendan and I can sit back and watch a ball game!!!

When we say travel- we're not kidding... We traveled to Fredricksburg this weekend and played on the most amazing field ever- Complete turf- and fromt he signs it's funded by Cal Ripken Sr....  It even had places for pitcher's to warm up in the outfields, amazing dugouts, and a short practice field- Crazy! 
The best thing about baseball so far- besides it becoming a family affair is that Chris has fallen in LOVE with the sport- so Daddy is really happy- as in over the moon happy!  The past two games he's been in a hitting slump (hard to see) but he's playing up on the 9&under team- so we are sooooo proud of him- and nothing gets to Chris- not even a few strikeouts!  He's improved sooooo much in the field and it's just awesome to see him love the game! I look forward to many more Sundays at the ball field and am soooo proud of my Topher- #30 just like his Daddy.:)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Overnight getaway!!!

Okay... this is how bad I was with the camera this summer... Brendan and I had an overnight getaway with the kids and I forgot to break out the camera until the very end!  And it was such a fun trip!  We stayed in a hotel at JMU- and anyone staying down there- this simple Residence Inn was one of the nicest hotels- ever!!! It felt like New York or something- Loved it!  We drove down and spent the day at Massanutten Water Park.  We ALL loved it- They had huge waterslides, a wave pool, lazy river, even a flowmaster where Brendan and Chris both surfed... and wiped out!  This is a trip we'll for sure do again- and next time add Luray Caverns on the second day! 

First Day of School

Yay for the first day of school! 
My handsome boys...

Our big second grader!  Can't believe how fast he's growing up!

My heart...

Some of the bus stop... I can't tell ya how much this feels like "home"- We've actually stayed put and lived somewhere for two years- and I feel like I've watched all these kids grow.... Love it!

Good thing we have afternoon Kindergarten- Addie's still in her pajams for the morning bus stop...

Give us a few hours and she's ready!

Our sweet Kindergartner!

Nona and Papa came to see her off...

So proud!

Daddy's girl

Big girl- tear...

Yes, I decorated the driveway.... AND Addie and I decorated the entire sidewalk and whole bus stop with sidewalk chalk- a bunch of "We're so proud of you, Sycolin Salamanders Rock, etc."  For now, the kids LOVED it... but I'm well aware that one day they'll make me stop! Ha!

Yes, they coordinated!:)

And came home happy as can be- I guess they didnt' miss me too much.:( :)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was so much fun.  Aunt Paula and Uncle Lou made the trip down from New Jersey and spent one night at our house.  The kids had so much fun- being surprised with gifts, getting to joke with Uncle Lou, and being spoiled by Aunt Paula and getting to play on an iPad!  We then followed them down to Smith Mountain Lake for a weekend at Gram and Pop Pop's... We swam, went for boat rides, jet ski rides, and were even pulled by the boat on rafts... We're loving fall, but already counting down to next summer at the lake!


Sweet Addison

Our baby girl is growing up before our very eyes. She started Kindergarten and is LOVING it.  We've always called her "Little Judy" and she is so much more like my mom than we ever knew.  She likes to be "perfect" at school- and being on "green" which is a great day isn't good enough for her- She is an over-achiever every single day and likes to be on "pink" for being a star student- and most days she is! 
This week it seemed like almost overnight she got an extremely loose tooth- and one day after school she had a friend over and they were determined to pull it.  They were so cute- They iced it, and were even thinking of ways to pull it- like using a lucky shirt to pull it- but eventually, they just yanked it and were sooooo happy!!!!

Addie and Sienna- so happy that she lost a tooth- just precious!

A few mornings during the week, we drive to a nearby neigborhood that has two parks surrounded by a sidewalk that is 1/4 of a mile- My friend, Danielle and I let our girls play while we walk...  And while Addie might be all dolled up with a bow and dresses for school- there is no denying that this little girl is a tomboy- One morning after our walk- this is what she looked like- covered in dirt- head to toes!  We rushed home for a shower!   She also enjoys gymnastics and is on the "Little Gems" pre-team that is by invitation only and is on the "Tiny Tornados" softball team for the third season.  She loves being at the ball field (eventhough I'd love to see her play soccer)  and even got the game ball after her first game.  We're sooo proud of our little girl... and hoping that she always knows how special she is even when the new baby comes.  We've started calling her our monkey in the middle.:)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog Hiatus

I'm alive!  I can't believe I stopped blogging for over two months!  So many stories, adventures, and moments that I have missed... 

It's kind of coincidental that I stopped blogging the week before we left for the beach. Or... shall I say not coincidental at all!  Brendan and I found out at the beach that we'll be becoming a party of five next spring!  Yep, a baby is on the way!

If you know me, I usually stay up until 1am- every night... but ever since I found out I was preggo- my bedtime has been 8 or 9- I'm in bed, under the covers, praying I'm not gonna be sick- so my late night blogs got cut out of my routine...  But I'm going to try to start blogging again during my huge four hour chunk of time every day.  I'll try to catch up on some things we missed this summer, and keep chugging along with our daily in's and out's.

Right now, I can't tell you how blessed I feel in life. It's been a rough year with the loss of my grandparents- that still gets me every day... and some health issues with my parents, but things are looking up.  We have a loving family, beautiful home, and the kids are just flourishing.  I might complain sometimes about how they drive me crazy- but really- Chris and Addie have been sooooo wonderful lately.  They excel in school so much, have great personalities, and are rockstars at their extracurricular activities.  They truly amaze Brendan and I every day. They are loving, cherish our family, and we are just in a great place.  Perhaps, this is why sometimes I think to myself- What have we done adding one to the mix- Ha!  I have a feeling our world is really going to be rocked next April...  but we're excited for the ride.  And for right now, we'll thank our lucky stars that God is Great and Life is Good.:)