Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sweet Addison

Our baby girl is growing up before our very eyes. She started Kindergarten and is LOVING it.  We've always called her "Little Judy" and she is so much more like my mom than we ever knew.  She likes to be "perfect" at school- and being on "green" which is a great day isn't good enough for her- She is an over-achiever every single day and likes to be on "pink" for being a star student- and most days she is! 
This week it seemed like almost overnight she got an extremely loose tooth- and one day after school she had a friend over and they were determined to pull it.  They were so cute- They iced it, and were even thinking of ways to pull it- like using a lucky shirt to pull it- but eventually, they just yanked it and were sooooo happy!!!!

Addie and Sienna- so happy that she lost a tooth- just precious!

A few mornings during the week, we drive to a nearby neigborhood that has two parks surrounded by a sidewalk that is 1/4 of a mile- My friend, Danielle and I let our girls play while we walk...  And while Addie might be all dolled up with a bow and dresses for school- there is no denying that this little girl is a tomboy- One morning after our walk- this is what she looked like- covered in dirt- head to toes!  We rushed home for a shower!   She also enjoys gymnastics and is on the "Little Gems" pre-team that is by invitation only and is on the "Tiny Tornados" softball team for the third season.  She loves being at the ball field (eventhough I'd love to see her play soccer)  and even got the game ball after her first game.  We're sooo proud of our little girl... and hoping that she always knows how special she is even when the new baby comes.  We've started calling her our monkey in the middle.:)