Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sundays in our household probably seem CRAZY!  We usually start the morning off with breakfast and lounging around... or in our kid's world- playing... Poor Addie- She's always playing "boy games" with her brother- And yes, she's perfected using a baton as a gun to fight off the bad guys- Ha!  And then, things get crazy... On mornings of home games, we plan on going to church... but ya see, we've entered the world of travel baseball...
Chris has joined the Fielder's Choice Purcellville team and we are all loving it- Might sound crazy, but we are!  We have double headers on Sundays- and it takes up most of the day- we break for a potluck lunch in between games, and then the boys are back at it.  Addie is in heaven running wild- or just chilling under a canopy that parent's set up playing bendaroos, video games, etc.  There are several younger siblings and they've all hit it off- which makes things great because Brendan and I can sit back and watch a ball game!!!

When we say travel- we're not kidding... We traveled to Fredricksburg this weekend and played on the most amazing field ever- Complete turf- and fromt he signs it's funded by Cal Ripken Sr....  It even had places for pitcher's to warm up in the outfields, amazing dugouts, and a short practice field- Crazy! 
The best thing about baseball so far- besides it becoming a family affair is that Chris has fallen in LOVE with the sport- so Daddy is really happy- as in over the moon happy!  The past two games he's been in a hitting slump (hard to see) but he's playing up on the 9&under team- so we are sooooo proud of him- and nothing gets to Chris- not even a few strikeouts!  He's improved sooooo much in the field and it's just awesome to see him love the game! I look forward to many more Sundays at the ball field and am soooo proud of my Topher- #30 just like his Daddy.:)