Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Tradition

We had beautiful weather for a beautiful Easter. We spent it with our family and ate from about 10-6pm nonstop. It was glorious.

Feeling the Bumps...

They have a date!!! Woo Hoo!

I think J.D. and Butt-Butt will have good luck- Our anniversery is 6/3... and there's will be the same plus a zero... 6/30.:)

I think Chris has Chuck's trick down... he found the missing egg with no problems.

So, Lauren had a new trick... But Addie spotted the egg right away.:)

Once again, we forgot our Easter baskets!!!

Bump to Bump. It's a boy, It's a girl!

The glue that holds us all together, our everything!


Sweet Cousins

And to make it extra special day- Uncle Sean was on a layover at Dulles... and he got to have brunch with us and see the kids! Wiss miss you Uncle Sean!

Easter Morning

All dressed up for about ten minutes... and then Chris just couldn't take a collared shirt any more and Addie was off to ride her scooter in her play clothes. At least I got a picture... and I don't even think I have to wash these outfits before another wear.:)

The E.B.

The kids were so excited for the Easter Bunny, and the good ole E.B. didn't disappoint.

Addie got her pink Razor scooter that she is so proud of... Oh- and don't you just love how she begs to sleep in "brudder's" old jammies. Polar bears and Star Wars pants- gotta love it.:)

and how priceless is this? Chris couldn't contain his excitement about getting a new Mario Galaxy 2 Wii game. He ran around the house and even did the "staying alive" dance. Love this picture- ha!

Easter Eggs

Continuing with tradition, we decorated our oh so fabulous Easter Eggs. Don't mind Chris's shirt- Thanks Uncle E for his "special shirt".:)

And of course, Daddy couldn't resist getting in on the fun.:) Note to self... Next time dye the Easter eggs and then get the manicure.


Addie was so excited to have a sleepover with Molly and Caroline (Taylor lasted through the movie and then Danielle picked her up)... They were much calmer this time and only stayed up until midnight- HA!

They insisted on sleeping on an air matress- and only wanted their blankies and lovies... and purses and flashlights and who knows what else. Molly was the only smart one and took over the bed all to herself in the middle of the night.:)

Mommy Daughter Day

Since we went to Disney in February, we decided to have a staycation for spring break. Chris got completely spoiled and had a getaway with Pop Pop and Gram at the lake (blog post to come) for a few days and then he spent two days at Tae Kwon Do camp. We had actually signed both kids up for one day- but when Addie was too scared to leave me, it turned into Chris getting two days. He loved it and took field trips in a stretch Hummer limo to laser tag, the Air and Space Museum, and I swear he grew up in those two days. I hated being gone from him and was too uneasy feeling so I don't think we'll be doing any more camps this summer- although I'm sure if was up to him, he'd go in a heartbeat!

Addie got to spend time being monkey in the middle, having playdates, swimming with Daddy, and having Mommy Daughter Day. We hung out with Nona, pampered our little girl, and we went for joint manicures and pedicures. They gave her the works and even massaged her legs. I thought it was special and they even painted flowers on her fingers... but when we got home, she had me paint over the flower because she wanted to be just like Mommy... Awwww.:)

Oh, sweet Addie...

I promise- when I blog, I blog truthfully. I can't make this stuff up. I often write how Addie can be clumsy. She's as fast as fast can be and her new thing is running around the neighborhood at night. She loves to run and is so fast- she can even hang with Chris... Just make sure things are out of her way.

We were at Danielle and Jessy's for dinner and we heard someone crying in the basement. "What happened?"... "Oh, Addie ran into the wall."

Wall-1, Addie-0.

Shiner for Easter... Check.

Go Iron Pigs

Baseball has begun... and Chris is never short of fans- even on freezing cold, windy days.

We all cheer wildly for him- when he kills the ball hitting, fields it great, or cathces it. Oh wait... we're still working on that catching part.:)

The Girls

It's so nice to have a friend that I chat to several times a day and that I can switch off watching each others kids whenever we need a break... or just a relaxing afternoon. The kids love each other- and don't you dare tell them they are not real blood cousins because it will send them into a tizzy.

In fact- everywhere we go, Addie and Molly are called "the twins." Even at the gym they are just known as the twins.:)

And don't tell Taylor that she's not a twin either like I did when I left her out of the above picture... because she will be very, very sad.

But luckily, she gets over it fast.:)


$25- What we spend every week to drive to Tae Kwon Do THREE times a week
$100- What we pay every month in tuition
$60- What we cough up every time we test for a new belt

The look of confidence and a little boy when he receives his green belt- Priceless. Worth every penny.... even when I don't have clothes that fit.:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lookie, lookie... Addie's hair is old enough to braid... and she thinks she hot stuff in her cowboy boots- that she calls her heels.;)

And I guess Chris escaped my camera- but don't worry, he is about to lose three teeth any day now- including his two front teeth, so I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures.:) He got his report card and it was fabulous and tonight, he tested for his green belt. After a rough couple of weeks where he was moody and giving us a hard time, my sweet son has returned home.:) Praise the Lord.:)

Cousin Day:)

On Sunday, we enjoyed the beautiful day and spent the whole day with Mage and Jack. The kids had a blast, and Mommy and Daddy were pooped by the end of the day. How do people do it with more than two kids!!!???!!! We had a blast at Clemyjontri Park, Claude Moore Park, and then finished with a pizza party thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Rah-Rah at Nona and Papa's.