Monday, September 20, 2010

Bowling Party

We love the Renehan family- We met them living in Charles Town, WV, and we've stayed really close with them ever since. They had their youngest daughter Kailey's birthday party this weekend at KingPinz in Leesburg and the kids had a blast! It was both Chris and Addie's first time bowling, and I'm sure it won't be their last... They both loved it!

Jr.'s Garage

We made the rounds delivering things bought at my Willow House Party... and we stopped in Betty and Jr.'s... The kids (and us) could have stayed in his garage all day. We got to see pictures of all these famous people that my grandfather's company had done work for- including remodeling their house... President Nixon- woah! Pretty cool...

We also left knowing that maybe it's not just the crazy teens that Chris and Addie get their craziness from. Maybe it's from generations before us in our family!!!

This has says "I bet mine is longer than yours!"

Addie thought this was fabulous- It had a long ponytail off the back- Ha!

What do I even say about this? Chris thought it was hilarious!

Weekend Sports...

Once again, our weekend was filled with sports- just the way we like it.:) The only downfall is that Addie has soccer at 3, and Tech keeps having 1:30 games. Ugh.:)

We had a few visitors at our games... Averey and Brian made it to Addie's soccer game and she was sooo excited! Oh my gosh- Is Ave taller than Brian!!!?!!! What the heck!

Nona and Papa came to Chris's game. He's such a ham- he waves to the crowd when it's his turn to bat. It's adorable. Sweet Paigie K was home from college and drove all the way up by herself to see his game... She wouldn't cooperate for a picture for the slog...

But Addie was able to talk her into it... We love you!

Nanny and Pappy Make a Visit

Happy Fall Ya'll!!! I'm beginning to start decorating for the fall... this is just a start. I was on the search this week for an old rickety chair for my front porch. This one is cute, it's not my favorite... but it'll do. Addie and I went antiqueing one day when Chris was in school. Addie just happened to knock over an entire display- including a glass jar filled with seashells. Luckily, nothing broke- but it was soooo loud and such a mess that to distract from the situation- I went with this chair! Ha!

Nanny and Pappy made a visit to see our new house. I even took the wheelchair inside and gave Nanny a tour.:) They got to see Chris get off the bus and they said they really enjoyed getting out. Chris, Addie, Nanny, Pappy, and I have decided that we are starting our own ice cream club. Every other Friday we're going to go out for ice cream after Chris is done with school and we're on the search for the best ice cream in Loudoun. If anyone ever wants to join in on the fun- let me know!

Friday, September 17, 2010

School days...

Chris came home from school today and said, "Mommy, sometimes I just get carried away." LOL... Why do I think someone (as in a teacher, bus driver, etc.) said these words to him... HA!

His class has a behavioral management system and if they get in trouble their "birdie" flies off the tree into a "think about it" basket. Yesterday, Chris came home and said, "So and so (a boy in his class)'s birdie flew off the tree today!". He seemed so scared! I said, "Chris, what were you thinking when that happened." He said, "I'm afraid I'm going to be the next one!" Ha! So far, so good-He got a great report this week!:)

Addie had a great week at school, too... and now sings songs all day long. She loves singing, "What's the weather, what's the weather, what's the weather..." over and over and over again! She also cracked me up when she started singing, "Lollipop, lollipop, o lolly, lolly, lollypop." Sooooo cute.:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Addie starts school!

Where has the time gone! Addie started her first day of preschool today. With the way she behaves, I probably could send her to Kindergarten with Chris. She's an old soul and was so happy to start "school." But according to her, she's been going for a long time. Of course, she had to wear plaid for good luck... and I think she looked soooo adorable. She had a great time and is in love with Molly and Gavin (a friend from high school's son!). When we dropped Addie off, it was Chris's first real time being without his sister and he said if he didn't have a sister he would die of being bored. Awwww. He also helped get her ready and woke her up by saying "Good morning Honey Pie"- that's his name for her.:) We are sooo proud of you Miss Addie Tay!:)


Addie is following in her mama's footsteps and started soccer this weekend! She did great- She gets hot easily and turns red, but that doesn't stop her at all. She loves playing and continues to be such and easy child.:)

As always, our child has the most fans...

And they announced before the game that no dogs are allowed on or near the field. It's o.k., Lauren brought Sadie Murphy, and we just call her a horse.:)

The highlight of the day... Addie got her OWN snack. For years, she sees brother get a snack at the end of a game and she has to beg for a taste. Finally, she got her own... and of course she shared with her bubber... but you can see how proud she was!:)

Chris's Big Day!!!

I can't believe it... Chris is officially a big Kindergartner... We've been busy with parent orientation night, taking Chris to see his school, and preparing for the big day... and I'm happy to report he loves it!!! So far, so good- he's still in the nervous stage and is quiet. On the first day, Gram, Pop Pop, Nona, and Uncle E all came to see him board the bus. He hopped right on and was excited for school! We continue with having crazy street names- We have lived on Knobbly and Bullskin... and we now board the bus at Cockatoo Alley! Chris must come out of his shell on the bus because he was flicked in the face by a girl. He said it was because he was staring at her, and I asked why, and he said, "Well, she was pretty!" Ha! He reports that there is a lot of learning and he likes the bus ride the best. We get so excited experiencing all of his "firsts". Who knew that a real school library book could bring such joy to the family. It's also funny to hear what Chris notices- He saw a friend in the other Kindergarten class and he couldn't get over their line- He said they were standing in a line that was "straight as an arrow." I asked if his was that straight, and he said, "Nope!" Ha! Addie defintely misses her brother during the day... and loves to be at the bus stop to see he come home!

Why Baby Caitie Shouldn't Babysit... And a Thank you!!!

When Brendan and I went to the Tech game, we were only able to have a great time b/c we had Baby Caitie babysitting the kids- She loves them like they are hers, and they have so much fun with her... There are several reasons she is not a good babysitter though- so please no one steal her...

Exhibit A: We give her money to get pizza and/or dinner and the next morning things are appearing around our house...

and this... Hello Caitie- You spent more than we gave you...

She did redeem herself though by taking the kids by Eddie's house for some pictures that made my day... He's so awesome and totally catches the kid's personality- a gift, I tell ya, he has a gift...
Sweet Addie Tay...

And our Christopher.:)

LOL- Chris is sooo excited about this one. I need to blow these pictures up for our entryway in the huge frames. They just show our kids being themselves... My only problem, do you think I'd be able to play it off that "No, we don't allow guns or play with them in our house" to other mom's on playdates? It might hurt me. Oh well, it's worth it... and for the record, Baby Caitie also bought that gun...

Um- how much fun are they having!?! I wish I was there to see this.:) Pure Happiness! At least for the time being- I'm sure bedtime was a different story...

Oh- and Chris has informed us that Baby "Taitie" has a boyfriend named Jason. This was the best picture of him I could find. He's the one in the black lace... Can you tell we choose the best people to watch our kids?

TOTALLY KIDDING... LOL... they were at a Lady GaGa concert in this picture... glad to see they most def have personality.:)