Monday, September 13, 2010

Addie starts school!

Where has the time gone! Addie started her first day of preschool today. With the way she behaves, I probably could send her to Kindergarten with Chris. She's an old soul and was so happy to start "school." But according to her, she's been going for a long time. Of course, she had to wear plaid for good luck... and I think she looked soooo adorable. She had a great time and is in love with Molly and Gavin (a friend from high school's son!). When we dropped Addie off, it was Chris's first real time being without his sister and he said if he didn't have a sister he would die of being bored. Awwww. He also helped get her ready and woke her up by saying "Good morning Honey Pie"- that's his name for her.:) We are sooo proud of you Miss Addie Tay!:)