Monday, September 13, 2010

Chris's Big Day!!!

I can't believe it... Chris is officially a big Kindergartner... We've been busy with parent orientation night, taking Chris to see his school, and preparing for the big day... and I'm happy to report he loves it!!! So far, so good- he's still in the nervous stage and is quiet. On the first day, Gram, Pop Pop, Nona, and Uncle E all came to see him board the bus. He hopped right on and was excited for school! We continue with having crazy street names- We have lived on Knobbly and Bullskin... and we now board the bus at Cockatoo Alley! Chris must come out of his shell on the bus because he was flicked in the face by a girl. He said it was because he was staring at her, and I asked why, and he said, "Well, she was pretty!" Ha! He reports that there is a lot of learning and he likes the bus ride the best. We get so excited experiencing all of his "firsts". Who knew that a real school library book could bring such joy to the family. It's also funny to hear what Chris notices- He saw a friend in the other Kindergarten class and he couldn't get over their line- He said they were standing in a line that was "straight as an arrow." I asked if his was that straight, and he said, "Nope!" Ha! Addie defintely misses her brother during the day... and loves to be at the bus stop to see he come home!