Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's my potty and I'll cry if I want to...

Oh goodness- We're still having potty issues here at the McCullers household. Every time I write that Addie has pooped on the potty, it's a one shot deal. She's been in big girl undies for a year now and has never had an accident... She just won't poop on the potty- still! She holds it and asks for a diaper. We're all counting on her to go soon because we've promised her cone zone when she does!

Now, sweet boy Chris, has potty issues of his own. He is about to head to Kindergarten and still won't wipe his butt. I tried again and bought flushable wipes- Lightning McQueen at that... and today he finally did it! He wiped!!! Woo hoo! I was so proud- I checked, and he passed the test... And then...

He went running to Brendan and I heard this:

"Hey, Daddy!!!! (soooo excited) I wiped my own bottom. All by myself. And I know I did a good job and that it's clean... because Addie smelled it!"


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Odds and Ends...

Once again, I fell behind on updating the blog... We're just having too much fun enjoying these last few weeks of summer before Chris starts Kindergarten... I still can't believe it. We've been laid back around here and as much as we are excited about school... Mommy is dreading the 7:12 bustop time!!! Yikes! I have a feeling that might just rock our world...

The kids crack me up... and I am so lucky to get to hang out with them every day. We've had some fun trips that I forgot my camera for:
-We spent an afternoon at Algonkian Park with the Hayes clan. Chris, Addie, and I waited the thunderstorm out for an hour and a half and then closed the place down- We had to whole park to about 10 of us that stuck around. We're hardcore.:)
-Addie has been loving playing house with Brendan and I love to listen. She kept wanting to be the Mommy and all she would have the Mommy do was fart!!! I asked what she was doing, and she said, "Mommy- that's what Mommy's do!" HA!
-Of course, we've done the park, more pool playdates, and Chuck-E-Cheese. We even had Dorian, Roya's son, over for a sleepover!
-We've had a few days of spending the whole day with Todd and Sarah. The kids play and we hang out... and I couldn't be more proud to pass along the news that I'm going to be an aunt again... Congrats Sarah and Todd!
-We've also had tons of fun hanging out with Molly, Taylor, and Caroline. The kids just think they are the greatest... and we love being dorks with Jessy and Danielle.:)
-Chris is completely into the Animal Planet channel. He says it's "interesting." HA!He also dressed himself, put on his aviators, and came downstairs to say, "Now I can pick up some chicks."
-We had a lot of fun school shopping with Nona... even when Chris managed to get a hole in his cup at Chick-Fil-A and he closed down the line until clean-up arrived! Oops!

Ocean City!!!

Brendan and I look forward to "our" little family's mini vacation every year. This year we returned to the Ocean City Hilton just like last year. It's a short drive- and you can't get better than the beach and a waterpark! It was a very bittersweet year for us. The kids LOVED it! Brendan and I had fun, but we both realized how much the kids are growing up. They met a brother and sister from New Jersey and would spend all day in the pool with them. They must have done the water slide over a hundred times a day! They wanted to play with "their friends". At the beach, I even rented a beach chair and lounged while the kids played in the sand. It was kind of sad that they didn't "need" us every second. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. The hotel even had free daycare from 2-4 where they had arts and crafts and from 5-8 for movie time... but Brendan and I just weren't ready to part from the kids. It was crazy- That is like our dream come true- a free kid's club and time to be just us... and we just couldn't do it. We tagged along and did the arts and crafts with them every day.:) It was such a fun getaway... and bonus points for my hubby. He'd let me sleep in a little bit... I'd open my balcony- and see father of the year on the beach with his kids.:) I am blessed.:)

Rehoboth Beach

We had no intention of going to Rehoboth Beach, but when we were sitting around on Sunday, we thought... why not start this vacation early!!! We quickly packed, and headed up to RB!!! We were able to check off all of my favorites... Grotto's Pizza, Kohr Brothers Ice Cream, the Candy Kitchen, and most of all- FUNLAND!!! The trip got two thumbs up from all of us!:)

Bad News...

This may be sad... but I feel the need to let her know the truth. Ever since I had Chris, Kathy (Ka, Kathy Solomon/Gilliam) has spoiled all of us. Chris and Addie call her Grandma Kathy. She gets them presents, savings bonds on their birthdays, random treats, etc. Kathy (and all the Solomon's and I) have a special bond... I've let her know that she doesn't have to do these things... But as you can see- she completely clothed my children here...

and if you had seen Addie's shoes she had gotten them too. She also got the kids silly bands... which Addie insists she has to wear on her ankles.

Kathy has said she won't do this when Jamie or Sara have kids... so Jamie and Sara, please take your time. Just Kidding.:) Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that we love you so much and all that you do for us... and I hate to break it to ya that you really aren't their Grandma... We LOVE you!

All Settled In...

We are officially moved in and settled... except for doing our master bed and bathroom, organizing the basement, and the long honey-do list that I'm sure will forever grow... Come visit!

Here's a peek... One of my favorite rooms- off of the kitchen and it feels like you are in a tree house...

The dining room- I used to hate this furniture... but it works in my formal dining room!...

The other room's are so big that they used up our living room furniture from the other house- the piano even fits by the stairs...

And here's our front room... When we moved in, I had NOTHING for it-
I'm so lucky to have such a great family... who likes to give away furniture... Here's my front room- all giveaways!!! Thank you sooo much! Brian hooked us up with a sofa and loveseat, Jackie gave us the coffee table (which I painted)... and she has two end tables that will be making their way out of Nanny's basement, and I took the dresser from my parent's barn! Wa- lah... until we have the funds to buy stuff, I think it came together pretty nice!

And as you can tell... the kids agree. The chair that Brian gave us is all of our favorite spot in the the house- especially for naps!

Lake Vacay!!!

The kids and I were able to spend an entire week at Smith Mountain Lake and we had such a good time. Gi Gi Mom (Brendan's Grandma) from New Jersey was able to come to the lake and the kids loved getting to see her! Joanie was the best host ever and we spent the days relaxing by the lake and enjoying family time...

We also managed to get out a little bit... to the arcade and to the State Park. We took a nighttime guided owl ride and learned all about owls- It was actually really interesting!!!

No Fear!!!

I promise we weren't torturing them- They both LOVED it!

Big Fish 2010

Chris has become quite the fisherman and loves being Pop Pop's fishing buddy. He loved waking up at the crack of dawn to go out on real fishing trips with Pop Pop. One morning, he casted his pole by himself and told Pop Pop he had a fish- When Pop Pop looked over, the tip of his pole was in the water. They won the battle and Chris's spiderman fishing pole was able to pull in a 10.4 pound fish!!! Chris even made the local newspaper!

Addie was excited to join in... and even watched Pop Pop filet the fish... and Yes, that would be my daughter watching to see him cut open the stomach to see what the fish had eaten for breakfast... and she's holding a dead, decomposed fish! She's much braver than her mommy!

Cousin Fun

We don't get to see Brendan's family as much as mine, but when we do, it's always such a great time!!! We got to see Brendan's cousin Rachel and her family for two days at the lake... And we all had an awesome time!

How cute is this little guy?!? We got to meet Riley... and we all fell in love.

But I think the kids were even more in love with Megan... They loved playing with her and Chris now attempts cartwheels off the dock. You wouldn't know it's a cartwheel unless I told you though.:)