Monday, February 22, 2010


So, my brother pointed out to me today that I haven't blogged in a while. And now I know the reason I blog... I have so many funny stories about the kids and their funny sayings that have happened the past week and a half, and I can't remember half of them! Unfortuneatly, for the next few weeks, I might be a little MIA... we'll get to that in a minute...!

We've been staying busy and having lots of family time. Brendan and I have actually had a few dates- We went out for Valentines' Day and we had an "adult" night out this past weekend that was so much fun! Baby Caitie took great care of the children, and we really enjoyed ourselves! We've had tons of playdates, and Averey even came to spend the day with us... He's so good with the kids! He played with Chris, Addie, Jack, and Mage all day... and even went snowboarding with Chris! And can't ya tell- Addie is in love with him.:) The next morning, she woke up and said, "I want Averey to come to my house."

Just some quick pics so you remember what the kids look like!:)

The snow is still here, and the kids haven't tired of it yet! Our neighbor created an entire maze in their yard and the kids love it. They literally come to places where they have to turn around and figure their way out... There are tunnels and everything- this picture does NOT do it justice!

And finally, some big news! We have sold our house... Yes, we know that we are crazy, and yes, we are stressed... But no- it's not for any bad reason that one might think of. This is going to be a very bittersweet move... We LOVE our neighborhood sooo much and have made some of the best friends ever... We are taking a HUGE gamble and we are going to rent for one year and hopefully start building a house within the six months so it's done at the end of our lease. Keep your fingers crossed for us- we're taking a gamble with the housing market- which could end up being a very bad thing... but if we're able to get the house that according to Brendan, "I'm going to die in," I think it will be worth it.:) Oh- and we have to close by March 18th... so wish us luck on packing and making a move!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday, we had another snow storm, and this time it was a blizzard! At times, we actually had a white out where we couldn't see anything! Brendan was out of town so it was just me and the kids... Boy did I miss him! I think I came up with more games than I knew existed. We danced, read books, played the wii, baked, played hot potato, and it even got to the point where I was letting the kids waste diapers while trying to put them on their stuffed animals all by themselves. Yeah, we still have diapers. My infamous poop picture was a one time deal. Addie is still wearing big girl undies until it's time to go number 2, and then she wants a diaper.

Last night was the finale of Friday Night Lights, so my dad braved the roads in his truck and picked us up. We spent the night at Nona and Papa's! This morning Chris wasn't feeling well, so we came home and we're trying to get him feeling better... Brendan was able to find a snowboard on his trip, so he needs to get well so he can try it out!

Don't mind Addison being nakie... She tried to fool me. She's too smart. I told her it was too cold to take off her footed jammies, so she told me she was taking them off to poop on the potty. Imagine my excitement! Then, she darted over to my mom and asked her to paint her toenails. Don't worry Brendan and Joanie, my mom bought some kid nail polish.:) I could tell that girl had a plan the whole time... she needed her toes done to match her fingers!

Look at Chris's light sabre!!! That is an icecycle off of my parent's garage!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun times!

After the blizzard, we had a few days where we were able to get out of the house before round two of the storm. Todd and I have made a playroom at Nanny and Pappy's house for the kids in the basement. Their basement is unfinished, so it's nice because the kids can ride bikes and scooters when it's cold outside. Nanny is on oxygen at all times... Imagine how shocked I was when I looked up and there she was standing at the bottom of the stairs of the basement... She had to see her great-grandbabies! I almost freaked though and thought I was in big trouble if we didn't get her back up the stairs safely! Luckily, she had a burst of energy and all was well...

I didn't have much luck with the camera that day! Thanks Uncle Dave for the happy meals... it looks like the kids enjoyed them! But I could have gone without you teaching Chris to "flick." My cheek has been red ever since this day! Ugh!

The kids have continued to enjoy our American Idol parties. They crack me up- This week during Hollywood week they really had the ability to pick if the people would be cut or not. Addie looked at me one time and said, "That's awful." She was right-the girl got sent home! Ha!

Sometimes it's really embarassing that she can talk so well. We were at the grocery store and we were being checked out. Addie walked right up to the guy bagging our groceries and said, "Hey Big Guy!" He looked at her like she was crazy so she kept saying it clear as day. When we were walking out to the car, Chris had picked up on it... He said, "Mom, that was the funniest thing ever. Did you hear Addie saying, "Hey Big Guy?".

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Did we move to Alaska and someone just forgot to tell me??? Seriously- this is getting to be ridiculous! We had another snow storm and we got about 31 inches of snow~ and more is coming this week! I've vented enough about hating cold weather, but we have actually had a fun weekend. Brendan's been home and I'm pretty sure he and Chris have logged about 12 hours of sledding. They have built jumps and Chris has learned to get "AIR" and loves it. He even goes down with his hands in the air like he's riding a roller coaster. Addie is more like her mama and doesn't like being cold. She and I have had lots of "girl time" and we've made homemade cookies, snow ice cream, and gotten some projects done around the house. Today, Nona, Papa, Todd, Sarah, and the boys came over for some family sleigh riding... and vegetable soup. It was fun to get together and hang out! My camera is still at Nanny's... but enjoy these pictures!