Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday, we had another snow storm, and this time it was a blizzard! At times, we actually had a white out where we couldn't see anything! Brendan was out of town so it was just me and the kids... Boy did I miss him! I think I came up with more games than I knew existed. We danced, read books, played the wii, baked, played hot potato, and it even got to the point where I was letting the kids waste diapers while trying to put them on their stuffed animals all by themselves. Yeah, we still have diapers. My infamous poop picture was a one time deal. Addie is still wearing big girl undies until it's time to go number 2, and then she wants a diaper.

Last night was the finale of Friday Night Lights, so my dad braved the roads in his truck and picked us up. We spent the night at Nona and Papa's! This morning Chris wasn't feeling well, so we came home and we're trying to get him feeling better... Brendan was able to find a snowboard on his trip, so he needs to get well so he can try it out!

Don't mind Addison being nakie... She tried to fool me. She's too smart. I told her it was too cold to take off her footed jammies, so she told me she was taking them off to poop on the potty. Imagine my excitement! Then, she darted over to my mom and asked her to paint her toenails. Don't worry Brendan and Joanie, my mom bought some kid nail polish.:) I could tell that girl had a plan the whole time... she needed her toes done to match her fingers!

Look at Chris's light sabre!!! That is an icecycle off of my parent's garage!