Thursday, December 23, 2010

Addie's Christmas Program

Addie had her special Christmas program at school this week. Nona and Chris joined me to watch the spectacular performance. The kids sang... or lipsyched a few songs and then we had a juice and cookie reception. Addie was so proud of herself.:)

Chris and his friend from his class last year who also has a sister in Addie's class. Yes, they are the same age, and Chris is that tall.:)

Addie and her beloved boyfriend Gavin. She loves him.:)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pearson Sex Ed

How could I forget this one?!? It was my biggest laught of the month...

The night we tried to take Christmas pictures turned into a late night. I had packed the kids jammies, so I changed them into their p.j.'s hoping they would fall asleep on the way home. They did. While I was changing Addie, I put on her nighttime diaper- Mage saw me doing this and started looking at Addie with a worried look. He looked at her and screeched in the most innocent way:

"Oh no, Addie!!! You're P.P. fell off. Your P.P. is broken!"


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love these kids!

We were bribed by my parents with a homemade, hearty dinner to come over with all of the kids to attempt a picture for their annual Christmas card. Next year, we plan to start earlier than the 20th for this... because I think we really need a few nights of practice. I thought this would be cute for their card:

"All is calm...
All is bright...

Yeah right. We're enjoying our many blessings and hope you are too. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays.:)"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tae Kwon Do

Chris loves TKD... and can now count to ten in Korean. He's well on his way to a yellow belt.:)

Ruritan Club Dinner

And the tradition continues...:)

This just makes me happy.:)

Four generations.

She said YES!

Of course this news makes the blog!!!! J.D. proposed to Rebecca today and she said "YES!" Woo hoo- I think I speak for everyone that we are all soooo happy that Rebeccas is going to be a part of the family (eventhough she already is). J.D. had it all planned out and the ring is sooooooooo gorgeous! Boy did good! After the proposal, Chuck and Jackie hosted an engagement party at Clyde's where I'm sure I gained ten pounds.:) A big thanks to Baby Caitie and all of the Solomon's for watching the kids so we could enjoy some grown-up time to celebrate this special occasion! It was wonderful!

Children's Choir

The kids performed today at church as part of the children's choir- Let's just say EVERYONE could hear Chris!:) Both of the kids sang so loud and knew all of the hand movements. I thought Addie would be nervous, but she said, "I liked being up there.":) We are so happy that we have found a church home that we love!

Chris's Holiday Party

We all made the trip to Chris's holiday party- and he made us so proud. He really took care of Addie and was so well behaved. His assistant teacher came up to us and told us how much they just love Chris and how he has the best manners. Brendan and I listened in amazement and I looked like the crazy mom and shed a tear. Knock on wood, this year is going so well for him and he's really growing up. Look at him in line with his classmates- He's a good head taller than almost all of them! Addie also enjoyed the day following in her brother's footsteps and participating in every activity. She would go to school tomorrow if she had the chance... And as you can tell she already has friends to pal around with.:)

Elf on the Shelf

Thank you Aunt Denise and Uncle Bruce! They sent the kids gift cards to Barnes and Noble. The kids still have money left over to get a prize from them, but Mommy and Daddy used part of one of them to sneak to the bookstore and buy "Elf on the Shelf." I've wanted it forever, but never have the money to get it at Christmas time... It's been the BIGGEST hit. The kids love finding the elf every morning and so far we haven't forgotten to move it. They lovingly named our elf "Nickey Toothy." Chris picked Nickey. Addie picked Toothy, and I thought we were going to have a huge fight... but luckily, Chris stepped in and said, I know, let's use both of our names and call him, Nickey Toothy. It really makes no sense, but they were so proud, I just went with it.:) And I couldn't be happier because any time they aren't listening, now I can say... "I hope Nickey Toothy isn't listening and for now, they straigten up!


We have already had our first early dismissal and delay to school! We had snow this week and it hasn't melted because it's freezing cold here! A good day was had by all!


Addie has been having more and more "girlie" playdates. Here, they are doing a craft from Michael's- painting horses. It lasted a good two minutes and then they were off to play "mommy" for the rest of the afternoon!

Addie cracks us up:
Mommy- "Addie, Do you want to go to Disney and get dressed up and made into a princess?"
Addie- "Mommy, I'm already a princess. I'm your and Daddy's princess."


Mommy- "Addie, promise me you won't kiss a boy until you are 16." (I know, wishful thinking, right?)
Addie- "But I already kiss boys. I kiss D.J."
Mommy- "Why do you kiss D.J.?"
Addie- "Because I like kissing him and because I love him."

Oh goodness!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visit from Gram!!!

Gram came into town for a long weekend and of course the kids were in heavan... She even brought three huge bags of Discovery toys and the kids have been playing Bingo ever since.:) She got to go to Chris's swim meet, help Mommy and Daddy out while being a babysitter while we enjoyed a night of boxing, cook with the kids, and go to church with us. We LOVED the company... and HELP!

He's got the gene...

Chris had his first winter swim meet swimming for Snow Swimming. He did so good- taking ten seconds off his backstroke time from last winter! He placed first in backstroke and second in freestyle- and Joanie said he's just like his Daddy! We are so proud of him! He also is loving Tae Kwon Do and working really hard to be able to test for his yellow belt! We had his annual IEP meeting and he will still be in speech for the next year. His speech has improved so much, but he definitely still needs help... His speech teacher said he's a hard worker and always has lots to say... I can only imagine!!!

A is for Addie

Addie Tay keeps us on our toes. She passed her swimming class and is moving up to "Paddler". She is now into writing and amazes us every day. She can write all of her letters and can copy anything we write. Today, she wrote "Addison Taylor McCullers, I love my brother, I love mommy, and I love daddy" perfectly. Chris was always so active and never wanted to "practice" schoolwork... Every day, Addie asks for "homework."! Ha! Lately she loves playing babies, having playdates, cutting anything and everything- (she will spend hours upon hours cutting scrap paper), and holding her own- she's becoming more and more stubborn every day!

Home for the Holidays

We are finally settled and have a house we hope to call home for years to come... and Brendan was such a sport- He borrowed my dad's ladder and even put fresh greens on the second story.:) Maybe next year I'll go easier on him.:)