Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long day, but Laughs Make it worth it:)

I don't feel well today and I'm getting ready to go to bed before 10pm- This is a record for me- It NEVER happens! At least the kids kept me laughing tonight...

I made a homemade dinner because with us going from one activity to another, they are happening less and less. I figured if they ate well tonight, and we get dinner tomorrow at my parent's because it's Friday Night Lights, then we're on a roll...

Chris loved the dinner: "Mom- This dinner is the bomb dot com. And do you know what? The bomb dot com is even higher than the bomb.


Before bed: "Ok, kids... it's time to brush teeth."
Addie: "We already did."
Chris: "Mom, No we didn't. Addie's telling those whoppers again."
Addie: "Yep, I'm telling those whoppers."