Sunday, December 19, 2010


Addie has been having more and more "girlie" playdates. Here, they are doing a craft from Michael's- painting horses. It lasted a good two minutes and then they were off to play "mommy" for the rest of the afternoon!

Addie cracks us up:
Mommy- "Addie, Do you want to go to Disney and get dressed up and made into a princess?"
Addie- "Mommy, I'm already a princess. I'm your and Daddy's princess."


Mommy- "Addie, promise me you won't kiss a boy until you are 16." (I know, wishful thinking, right?)
Addie- "But I already kiss boys. I kiss D.J."
Mommy- "Why do you kiss D.J.?"
Addie- "Because I like kissing him and because I love him."

Oh goodness!