Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School: First Grade!

School is officially in and I miss my boy more than ever. We all do. Chris has started first grade and is gone from 7:30-3:20 and it seems like forever. I used to pray for time to myself- but I would much rather have him with me! He was so excited to go to school- but came home the first day saying school stinks and that his teacher was really strict. I was thinking it's going to be a long, long year. The second day, he came home and loved it and his teacher is "really nice." Let's hope it stays that way.:) Where did the time go?

My sweet boy. Still no front teeth, but I see them peeking through. He ditched the collared shirt for this- a "cool shirt." Don't worry, he had on his plaid- shorts.:)

Addie jumping into the "girls" picture. Too bad she's not old enough to go, because she would go tomorrow- And she misses her brother sooooo much. She was fussy all day and had a meltdown at dinner crying for thirty straight minutes, "I just miss my budder so much." Let's just say it was a trying day for my sweet Tay-Tay.

Chris and Lars- Lars is a football star and in fourth grade. He's so sweet and plays with Chris and is trying to teach Chris to "be agressive and mean" on the football field. He has his work cut out for him.:)

Chris and his good friend Ramzi- They are both in first grade. Yes, Chris is huge.

Chris and his boys Steven and Spencer.

The neighborhood bus stop- love it.:) I just don't know how I'll ever be showered and outside by 7:30.

Addie and Captain B.

Meet the Teacher

Brendan had the day off, so we all went to "Meet the Teacher" day at Sycolin Creek. Chris was such a sweetheart and let Addie go everywhere with him. She had to put his bag on his chair and do everything, and he gently guided her. I swear they are so close... I think these could be the best pictures I've ever taken of the kids- and I was so sad when Chris realized that he and Addie coordinated perfectly- He let me know that he didn't like it and didn't want to do that because he was in first grade. You know first-graders are the king of cool and all. Addie, however, loves dressing like her brother, so he agreed they can coordinate colors.:)

At least I can say they're creative...

The kids posed for me because I agreed to let them come up with their own picture after I was done taking pictures. So, Addie chose to climb into the back of Papa's pick-up truck, and then Chris decided they needed to shoot pretend guns. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come... And here you have it.:)

SML Getaway

We heard that Aunt Paula and Uncle Lou were visiting the lake, so we were able to do a quick getaway to the lake... It was such a fun trip and I'm so glad they got to see the kids- and it was a nice end to the best summer ever. I think it's a good sign that you had an amazing summer with your kids when you dread sending them to school.:(
Addie loving on Aunt Paula.

And then there is Chris... These two look like they are up to no good.:) Partners in crime.:)

This is what happens after your children watch Soul Surfer... Little Surfer girl.:)

Usually it's Chris who is all about Gram... This trip, it was Addie- They spent a lot of special time together.:)

My view from the dock... It often makes you realize how thankful and lucky we truly are.

Oh, Topher... anything for a laugh!

Look how much fun- I'd say the trip was for sure worth it!!!

Out of the mouth of babes...

Addie had gotten a balloon from a Pump-It-Up birthday party this weekend and we were running into rent Redbox movies. She said, "Mommy, can I please send this balloon up to God?" Of course I couldn't deny that.:) She let go and then just started babbling away, "Have fun up there balloony. Tell Jesus I said Hi and be nice to God. I will see you when I die and I get to come to heavan."

My day was made.

On the way home, Chris informed me that this year he didn't need "notes" in his lunch. Last year, every day I wrote him a note with his snack and he loved it. I guess first-graders don't need that.

It broke my heart... :(

Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!?

We have started a new adventure- Chris is playing all-out, big boy football!!! So far, so good... It's really intense and he likes it, but it's a whole different world of it's own!!! He also has started to love Madden on his game system and actually beat Brendan... and is becoming a Patriots fan because he wins with that team...

Addie pretty much idolizes Topher!

Tay-Tay is the best fan ever...

So, it's official- we made it through our first scrimmage. Chris needs to get a little meaner, and he'll be amazing... Go Bulldogs!!!

New project!!!

So, after having a crazy moment and considering moving early this spring, Brendan and I realized that this is the home we want to raise our children in... for a long, long time- God-willing! So after four apartments, living with our friends and parents during times of transistion, a rental townhome, and buying four houses, we.are.settled... and hope to enjoy many more of these:

from our new deck and patio... We'll keep ya upated!!! Sooooo excited!


Really... I can't tell you how much fun the past few weeks have been. We lounge in the morning and then do the pool all afternoon. I don't even have to get in the water- my friend, Danielle, and I sunbathe... The kids have a blast playing in the pool, and we must hear, "I'm George Washington," 500 times- at least!!! The girls flip their hair over and then style it like George and love it- it never gets old. All of the kids line up in a row and jump in the pool like dominoes, and we even get wild and crazy and take have "Popsicles at the Pool"- Imagine kids screaming this like it's the best thing since sliced bread. We sometimes hit up a park... and they play there too, or have breakfast at Wegman's... or just hang out. For the first time ever, I'm so sad that summer is ending... While I welcome the routine of school, I will miss my lazy, easy, days of summer!!!