Monday, August 22, 2011


Really... I can't tell you how much fun the past few weeks have been. We lounge in the morning and then do the pool all afternoon. I don't even have to get in the water- my friend, Danielle, and I sunbathe... The kids have a blast playing in the pool, and we must hear, "I'm George Washington," 500 times- at least!!! The girls flip their hair over and then style it like George and love it- it never gets old. All of the kids line up in a row and jump in the pool like dominoes, and we even get wild and crazy and take have "Popsicles at the Pool"- Imagine kids screaming this like it's the best thing since sliced bread. We sometimes hit up a park... and they play there too, or have breakfast at Wegman's... or just hang out. For the first time ever, I'm so sad that summer is ending... While I welcome the routine of school, I will miss my lazy, easy, days of summer!!!