Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School: First Grade!

School is officially in and I miss my boy more than ever. We all do. Chris has started first grade and is gone from 7:30-3:20 and it seems like forever. I used to pray for time to myself- but I would much rather have him with me! He was so excited to go to school- but came home the first day saying school stinks and that his teacher was really strict. I was thinking it's going to be a long, long year. The second day, he came home and loved it and his teacher is "really nice." Let's hope it stays that way.:) Where did the time go?

My sweet boy. Still no front teeth, but I see them peeking through. He ditched the collared shirt for this- a "cool shirt." Don't worry, he had on his plaid- shorts.:)

Addie jumping into the "girls" picture. Too bad she's not old enough to go, because she would go tomorrow- And she misses her brother sooooo much. She was fussy all day and had a meltdown at dinner crying for thirty straight minutes, "I just miss my budder so much." Let's just say it was a trying day for my sweet Tay-Tay.

Chris and Lars- Lars is a football star and in fourth grade. He's so sweet and plays with Chris and is trying to teach Chris to "be agressive and mean" on the football field. He has his work cut out for him.:)

Chris and his good friend Ramzi- They are both in first grade. Yes, Chris is huge.

Chris and his boys Steven and Spencer.

The neighborhood bus stop- love it.:) I just don't know how I'll ever be showered and outside by 7:30.

Addie and Captain B.