Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's been a long time...

Been a long time, been a long time... and I forget the rest of the lyrics... But you know it's been a long time since you've blogged when you've seen some of your best friends from the state of Texas on two separate occaisions since you've blogged! I promise to be better about blogging. Whenever I don't take pictures, I don't tend to blog... Case in point- this sweet picture of my Hailey girl is the only picture I have from a great weekend:

Jen, Adam, and the kids visited for a long weekend from Texas.:( And there were plenty of opportunities for pictures. Let's see- We hung out, the kids loved playing together, we went to a park (until a thunderstorm came), we met Lisa and her family for dinner at the old school Emilio's (YUMMY), we had a cookout at Sara and Billy's with all 500 kids- and they amazed me at how well they were, we cheered for the Hokies- woo hoo, Addie tried to charm Ayden with the hopes that he'll marry her. Oh, and the best was when the kids were playing upstairs and being good. They came down to let us know that they were going to make a mess. We ignored them and continued just hanging out as adults. Thirty minutes later, we walked upstairs to EVERY.SINGLE.TOY dumped onto the floor in the toyroom. Every lego, every block, every puzzle piece, every game, every Barbie... ya get the gist. It was definitely a Kodak moment and I don't know what I was thinking not snapping a picture. It looked like an episode of Hoarders. But thinking back, it might have been worth the thirty minutes of adult time... and the kids got a laugh out of it!

So... the camera is going places with me... Just call me Mama Papparazzi.:)