Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of School...

O.k... so I can't lie. The fact that she's not dressed in plaid probably totally gives it away. Let's just say this is the first day of school picture taken in the thrid week.:) I do have a first day of school picture but only on my phone- and yes, she was decked out in plaid. I don't want Judy and Jackie all over me!

Addie started preschool at Leesburg United Methodist Church- and it's my fourth year in a row taking a kid there- so let's just say we know the drill. Addie is so happy to go- It's funny- as attached to me as she is, when she gets to school, she almost forgets about me and just jets- She's totally comfortable and loves it.:) Of course, she's a little flirt and already has two boyfriends... Gavin- who she calls Gabin and Logan- "the boy Logan mommy" because there is a girl and a boy Logan. She always likes to clear that up.:)